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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 63: ケット・シー


Start Date: November 30rd
Previous Chapter: Chapter 62
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I read the chapter last night, but I might actually post a question later. Unless I figure it out on my own after rereading the part I’m confused by.


It sounds like we won’t see him anymore :cry: well, at least the pendent might still do something before the end of the story… which is getting very close indeed.


Page 83, do we think the 猫妖精 in the aside text in panel three is still read as ケット・シー? Also the first panel on page 85, 地球 = マンホーム, yes? (Have we ever previously encountered words with consistent non-standard readings in the aside text before?)

Pages 83-84: Alice mentions Akari has encountered five of the seven wonders, adds that encountering all seven is a Bad Thing, and immediately points out that number six is right next door. Does she have it in for Akari, or something? :stuck_out_tongue: Though, come to think of it, since Akari was actually in danger during the San Michele Island adventure, perhaps there is some truth in the threats of misfortune to those who encounter all seven…

Page 96: “You’ll be teleported into low orbit” seems to be a rather specific misfortune to result from stepping on the stone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awwww, looks like we’re saying goodbye to our big mysterious cat friend :frowning_face: And if that’s not a sentence that sounds like “growing up” I don’t know what is xD You can definitely feel the story building up to the end of an era…


And now I’ve caught up! Pretty fitting place too, considering all the caith sith chapters have been my favourites and it seems like this will be the last of them. I was a tiny bit dissapointed in how the chapter both was fairly non-mysterious and there wasn’t that much to the final caith sith encounter though. Oh well, it was still nice enough, I guess. And at least there was the necklace.

Anyway, time to go read all the other things I’m not caught up on while waiting for next week of this!


I love how Alice just jumps on the unlucky stone - “come on universe, throw it at me!”
I guess you have to believe in the magic before it happens. :wink:


A little bit melancholy but nice chapter.
I’m going to miss our big cat friend likewise I’m also going to miss reading this manga when we soon finish it.


Aye, I kinda thought “you’ve already encountered the seventh mystery!” was a teeny bit of a cop-out.

Aye, but for Alice, it wasn’t a gamble - she tells Aika in the next panel that she’d already stepped on the paver several times as a child, and nothing happened, so this was a case of repeating the same action and expecting the same result. I’d imagine that most children, when told not to step on part of the footpath, would promptly either step there, or dare a friend to.