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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 62: 海との結婚


Start Date: November 23rd
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For more info: Marriage of the Sea, part of the Festa della Sensa.


Pffff Akatsuki, what even, that phone call xD That is not how you ask people to do things with you. Also that terrifying face on pg 43 xD When you’re so shook that you actually almost turn into a skeleton
The middle panel on pg 48 killed me xD Also loved Alice’s pouty face on pg 51
Aww, the bonus panel, the kitties all look so cute in their VIP seats. Maa looks rather unhappy in that dress though xD
I really liked the pretty, ceremonial air of this festival for some reason :blush: Idk, it seems like it would be such a neat thing to be a part of :3 I can totally understand Akari’s feelings at the end of the chapter.


Did Akari just wear her glove for three days straight? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, little cameos from Atora, Anzu and Ayumi on the 56-57 spread… and subsequent pages. (Atora is also in the last panel of 55). (Though, Alice at the top of 56… everyone else has expressions of calm serenity, but she’s marching into battle.)


Alicia is a woman of few words, that’s for sure.


Technically 千載一遇 means a rare opportunity that you only come across once every thousand years, but it seems just a bit rarer than that if you take 千載 as the literal number. :joy:

Some of the conversations had a lot of vocab I didn’t know, but otherwise it was a nice chapter.

Also, I’m really looking forward to next week’s chapter. :eyes:



Technically 千載 also means “a thousand years” - it’s listed on Jisho as one of the alternate versions of 千年. But you know what Terry Pratchett always said - one in a hundred quattordecillion chances come about nine times out of ten.

Has someone been peeking? :stuck_out_tongue:


How could I not see the color page at the end of this chapter? :wink:


I feel like that ring changed sizes even more than the One Ring.

starts imagining ARIA/LOTR mashups

head explodes