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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 39: 迷子

Start Date: May 4th
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Alrighties, after this chapter you may now start watching the anime with impugnity, for those who were waiting to avoid spoilers. Don’t recall who. @Naphthalene? @hachiken? Sure, there’s still episodes that draw inspiration from later chapters, but nothing that really affects the… “story arc”, such as it is, until you reach The Natural.

I’m amused that がぶりんちょ is the sound effect used for biting on page 287, mostly because that’s also the sound they use in Kyoryuger, so now I’m picturing a T-Rex…

Page 289, final panel, why’s Akari questioning the “まして”? Is that an odd phrasing? I mean, I don’t often see ます in て-form, but surely Alice used it for a reason? Or did she just flub because she’s flustered?

More weird Tokyopop translations: Page 294, second panel, Aika cries ぎゃーす! when she sees Alice and Akari. Tokyopop has elected to, uh, “translate” this as “Akari! Alice! Oh god, I think they might be dead!” Some of her later comments have been embellished in that vein too - next panel “You’re alive!?” has been added, panel after “I was ready to call a doctor!”. Seriously, Tokyopop? There is not the slightest chance she thought they were dead - if anything, I’d say she’s astonished they’d lie down on the ground outside in their white uniforms. On pages 297 to 299 and 302 to 303, they’ve tweaked several of Aika’s comments to make it sound like she’s absolutely freaked out by Maa-kun’s appearence. Though, some of these changes are significant enough that I’m starting to wonder if the original was reworded when the Masterpiece edition was printed…

Page 299, the place where Maa-kun is attached to Alice’s uniform is definitely not hidden by her… cape… thing.


I haven’t read the chapter yet, so I can’t really say for sure, but まして can mean “even more”, “still more”. (It’s just 増す in the て form, but it takes some special meaning/usage). Maybe it’s the case
here? I don’t have the book with me and will only be able to check tomorrow.

Nah, it’s indeed the ます form. It really looks like Akari is wondering about the use of the polite form (well, it’s keigo in this case)

Except Alice always uses polite form with Akari?

But it’s a bit much to use it about a random cat.
She also doubles down with 申しております a page or so later.


もちもちぽんぽん :joy:

Nah, I don’t see any of that in my version either. I think that’s a Tokyopop thing.


Actual Japanese question! I saw でっかい used a bit early on in the chapter. The only definition I could see was “huge”. I’m sure I’ve heard it before but I can’t seem to find a good definition right now. Is there something I’m missing?

Apart from that, another fairly easy chapter.

How about the 2nd panel p.310? :rofl:

I await the further adventures of まあくん

Think you’re missing the fact that it’s been Alice’s catchphrase since we first met her. :stuck_out_tongue: She basically uses it as an intensifier.

ok. :open_mouth:

i knew it was familiar from somewhere

Maybe it’s been a few weeks since I read Aria.


Wow, that was such a nice chapter. We really haven’t gotten much character development from Alice. She’s normally so unemotional, so this was a nice change of pace for her.

I may have gotten a bit emotional towards the end.


Aaaaah! Only a few chapters until you are caught up!