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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 55: お月見


Start Date: September 28th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 54
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I read this chapter this evening, because I know I won’t have much time on the weekend, and I really enjoyed it, so many scenes that made me smile.

Especially with Aika & Al :heart_eyes: Loved the まるでどこかの誰かさんのようだわ and the 近いのね moments, and that bit near the end when he takes her hand.

It took me a little while to figure out ルナスリー, and I am glad I still glance at the furigana from time to time, because 超高速ワープ is cool.

And the last frame is just a delight! :joy:


For some curious reason, the anime adaptation of this chapter makes both of the moons round. In reality, they look like this:

Ah, but don’t watch the anime episode if you haven’t already - it’s got a fairly massive spoiler for later events in the manga.

Page 131 kinda makes it look like Al could have gotten out by standing on Aika’s shoulders (rather than Aika trying to lift Al in her arms), but I guess that’s not the sort of thing a gentleman does. Also, it’s probably clear from the kanji used, but ポッツォ in the first panel is katakana for pozzo, which is Italian for “well”.

Page 140, final speech bubble, is Al saying that DeimosLuna Three is the smallest moon in the solar system, or that it’s among the smallest? Because even in 2006, when the tankobon containing this chapter was originally published, literally dozens of moons smaller than Deimos had already been discovered (though to be entirely fair, only one of those has an initial discovery date prior to the year 2000 - Jupiter’s moon Themisto was first discovered in 1975, but they couldn’t work out what its orbit was, so they lost track of it). Since then, of course, the list has only gotten longer…

I dunno why, but personally I’ve always found the chapters with the thinly-veiled Al-as-Aqua-and-Aika-as-celestial-objects metaphors to be… I dunno… “frustrating” doesn’t seem like quite the right word, but something in that vein.

… Luna Three? Mars’ third moon?

Aha, I found this article on Wikipedia, which states that in Aria, “Luna Three” is another name for Deimos, while Luna Two is Phobos (you’ll need to do a page-text search for ルナスリー to find the specific part of the page, because there doesn’t appear an anchor link there). Elsewhere on the page, it mentions Luna One is Earth’s moon. (It’s quickly gonna get daft if they continue that pattern for the rest of the moons in the solar system, though. Saturn’s moon Titan, say, would be… uh… ルナワンハンドレッドアンドフォー :stuck_out_tongue:) …

And of course, after doing all that research, I read on a few more pages, where Al explains the term… and then they mention Luna One too. Maybe I should finish reading the chapter before researching terminology…

In the anime, she just says あ、つき when the first moon appears.

Yeah, but I don’t entirely know that I buy the Aria universe having warp gate travel. It kinda feels like an order of magnitude higher level of technology than anything we’ve seen so far (but, to be entirely fair, pretty much all of what we’ve seen so far is deliberately designed to be retro…)


Screams in French

Same! Are… are they finally together? That’s what it all means, right?

Aika looked stunning, really going all out there. Meanwhile Al… well, came directly from work, so 仕方ない, I guess.

p 140 of my version

that face.

Is he really afraid of the dark, or just afraid of committing…


This katakana nonsense frustrated me so much, Jisho had nothing so I just assumed it was an Aqua name for the moon and gave up on it. But it’s two words. It’s. two. wordssssss. :tired_face: sigh freaking katakana

But aside from that, a good chapter :3 :two_hearts:

Aika’s little “kyaaaa O(≧▽≦)O” face on pg 128 was so cute. :3

They look like they’re attempting a musical or something with that pose on pg 132 xD Like, that’s not how you lift someone to get out of a well…

Does Maa-kun actually even have bones aside from her jaw, she literally just flops around and flails everywhere

pg 145 -
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :3
近いのね :heart:

Akari in the last panel is pure gold and I love her so much :rofl:


So I know 月見 parties are a traditional Japanese thing, but is it something the kids in Japan still get into?

I laughed at p.127 働きすぎ禁止!

p.150 everyone looking down the well


Well, I know it comes up once in a while in kids shows, so they would know about it. It do not know how common it is for people to do it though.

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Were they actually saying that warp travel was a thing? I kinda glossed over it because I was getting annoyed at all the katakana and wild explanations.

I mean, looking more closely it does sound like a serious explanation. But that’s stupid and doesn’t fit into the rest of the world built in the manga, so I’m just going to ignore it.


It definitely says 超光速ワープ航法のゲート管理, and I don’t know how to read that aside from “FTLwarp navigation gate management”. Trying to remember if there’s ever any indication as to how long it takes the interplanetary ships to get from Manhome to Aqua…