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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 41: 春の女神


Start Date: June 15th
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So this finally explains the cover image on one of the earlier volumes.


Edit: and oopsie it contains a spoiler.


Ah, we’re finally up to that chapter, are we?

Took me far too long to work out which characters were depicted on the inside front fold of the obi. It’s Pikari, Teko, Ai and Makoto (from Amanchu!) dressed as Undine, and Akari, Aika and Alice dressed in the Amachu! school uniform.

I kinda thought these kinds of waterside barbecue parties were usually held in summer, though when I visited Shin-Kobe in April last year, I saw a whole host of people by the river below the station - complete with obligatory blue tarps. I thought of asking what they were celebrating - sakura season was long over - but I chickened out.

I’m idly curious as to whether this is meant to be the same place they did the drydocking way back in chapter… 12, I think. It doesn’t quite look the same, though (aside from any background buildings, the stairs are in a different place).

Page 5, first panel:

Aika’s faces on pages 28-29, though…


I, for one, love the new haircut.


Well, I still haven’t read the last half of volume 4, but I decided to skip ahead and read this chapter anyway xD I’ll probably go back and read the rest of volume 4 eventually, but I’d rather read with the group again instead. It’s much more fun that way :blush:

What the heck is アリア社長 wearing, a flower costume? It looks like a headband made of bread buns. (Which, tbh, would also seem fitting somehow xD)

I like Aika’s new haircut too, I think she looks super cute (although her long hair with the buns was also super cute - she can pull off any length of hair tbh). I would also run away and cry if this ever happened to me though (not that my hair is even close to the length hers was)



Some kind of beanie, maybe. I honestly have no idea about half of Aria’s costumes. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve… never actually looked in those…

Am I terrible for laughing when I saw her hair on fire as she was stuffing her face?


While I haven’t commented on any of the chapter threads while catching up until now, I kind of feel like I have to mention that something like what happened to Aika in this chapter also happened to me a few years ago. The end result wasn’t nearly as nice though(probably because there was less hair left to do anything with than Aika had) :pouting_cat:


Oh no!!!
I hope it wasn’t too awful waiting for your hair to regrow!