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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 38: スノーホワイト

Start Date: April 27th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 37.5
Next Chapter: Chapter 39

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Oh, Akari. What on earth kind of question is “What kind of adult did you want to be when you grew up?” to hit people with out of the blue? “What did you want to do”, sure but “what kind of personality did you want”?

Why’s Akari waving with her thumb folded across her palm? Is this a Japanese thing? Just feels weird to me.

Pretty short chapter.


Aaaaand I caught up! Weee!


Me too! Better late than never right?

Random thoughts…

  • That exchange on p270 :joy:
  • Not a fan of ARIA社長’s wardrobe selection this chapter, but love his pose on p281.
  • Alicia wanted to become the sort of adult who popped up out of nowhere and enjoyed helping roll snowballs? I feel like I am missing something…

She wants to be the sort of adult that coerces people into helping her out by making them think it was their idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


Posing with the fury of a thousand dabs.


Yes, surprisingly short. On to the next chapter now.

me too! well, this far anyway.

So after all that, did they complete their “snow daruma”? do you make one from a sphere, or did they just leave the ball of snow there (for Aika’s unintended benefit on the omake panel :slight_smile: )


Not sure that Aika was particularly benefiting from a giant snowball filling the fondamenta. They do actually make a snowman in the anime version, incidentally.