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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 37: ヴェネツィアンガラス

Start Date: April 13th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 36
Next Chapter: Chapter 37.5

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My vote should read “I am sadface that, by the time I am done with work for the day, bookoff is closed already, and I do not want to fork over to Amazon five times what it would cost to actually buy the book at bookoff”.

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You’re stuck working on a Saturday? :cry:

Yep. Fun times.

I’ve been to Murano. That said, contrary to what this chapter says, the loss of the Venetian glass industry had nothing to do with some (future?) aqua alta, but rather a combination of the invention of crystal glass taking the bottom out of the market, and Napoleon invading the city which allowed the experts to flee. There’s been a revival now, but they’re also having to compete with cheap Chinese imports, even on Murano itself…

Also, once again, Aria trades his hat for another. I bet the city is full of business that each have a single Aria Company hat in place of one of their own.


And finally I catch up…

Fun things:
p 218 - her face! :joy:
p 224 - the reflections!

p 242 へっちゃらぽん??

And that’s all I have to say.
It was nice to see Akatsuki’s brother again, but the previous chapter was better… :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it a real Aria company hat or is it fake??

It gave the impression that what was being requested was something else. (i.e. I wondered if I was missing something.)

Are you suggesting they’d give the president of Aria Company a fake hat?


I just thought she was gobsmacked to be asked!

I feel there is an unwritten chapter in which people come to Aria Company from all quarters of Neo Venezia to return Aria Company hats and reclaim their own. :joy:


I came here to comment I loved へっちゃらぽんです. You may not need any explanation anymore, but just in case.

へっちゃら comes from へいちゃら which itself means “it doesn’t matter”.
As far as I know, the ぽん is just 灯里 being 灯里. I’m glad there are more ぽんs in my life now.

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Thank you!! Or maybe I should say, ありがとぽん :grin: