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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 34: マルゲリータ

Start Date: March 23rd
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This chapter is kinda nice in that it’s the first one to really highlight the three characters’ strengths and weaknesses, and how they mesh together. Aika is a local, and has been raised at Himeya, so she’s an expert at guiding and handling customers, but she can be too focused on being the best, and her impatience leads her to row at full speed. Akari practicatly exemplifies the atmosphere of Neo Venezia and makes friends with everyone, but she still doesn’t know much about the city, she’s still not great at rowing, and she’s easily distracted. Alice is an abolute prodigy at rowing, but she’s too timid when it comes to projecting her voice. Each of them has a strength that counters one of the others’ weaknesses.

I’m rather amused at how they all make a しゅーん sound effect when they sit down. Also, what right does Akira have to look so cute on page 112 fourth panel? :stuck_out_tongue:

So, つっかえ on page 114, last panel. This appears to be the verb 閊える somehow rendered as onomatopoeia by doubling up the verb stem. Is that what’s happening?

Tokyopop’s translator was in a good mood when they translated this chapter - the first narration box reads “Hey! What’s shakin’, bacon?”… Though, page 114, where the Japanese version says this is the birthplace of Marco Polo, the Tokyopop version says it’s the birthplace of St Mark the Evangelist, “from whom the San Marco district of the city gets its name”. Is this what the original first print of Aria read, or did Amano-sensei simply make a mistake, and Tokyopop took it upon themselves to correct it? Only, I’m pretty sure St Mark wasn’t born in Venice…

I want some margherita now…


As mentioned in the home thread, there is talk of delaying the start of book 5, and I don’t mind taking a break if it means we can regroup with more readers and fresh enthusiasm. But in the meantime, I’m very glad you are still here and full of exuberance for all things Aria :joy:

I love the facial expressions of the three trainees, wondering what the session holds in store for them. I am quite struck by the contrast between Akira’s instructions - to be all calm and welcoming - and her reactions as a teacher - losing her temper at all manner of things. I am hoping for more depth to her character as we progress.

I found myself curiously pleased to see more spaceships in the background this chapter - I feel like there was nothing much in the previous three chapters to remind us that we’re in the future as well as the past.

I read this as stu-stumbling over words. Is that what you meant?

And as for Marco Polo, vs St Mark the Evangelist
Who knew this was a point of contention?

p116 The cat overtaking them :joy: Where’s super-slow bridge-crossing old dude when you need him?

p124 top - 言った傍からこうも見事に閉じ込められるとは…
Is Akira saying that they are impressively blocked in on her side as well? I really don’t get this sentence.

p126 Impressive tummy rumble! :open_mouth:

p130 Go Aika!!

Mmm, pizza… :pizza::pizza::pizza:


Oh, I didn’t even notice that. Considering the Doge’s Palace is the spaceport, you’d naturally expect to see spaceships. Though, I have noticed that those holographic marker buoys that dotted the Grand Canal in the first few chapters have all disappeared.

No, she’s saying “Look, I literally just warned you about this”.

Impressive timing, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s all I wanted to say as well.


(Had pizza for dinner)

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Pffff this made me laugh a little too hard xD

Poor アリア社長 - he looks so sad and pathetic after his tummy rumbles xD And then he gets caught up in a spider web on pg 130, too.

On the bottom of pg 138, is he using his giant tongue to just slurp up that whole piece of pizza in one go? :joy:


Yuuuuup. Not the first time that technique is displayed either (and probably not the last :joy:)


If there was ever any doubt whether Aria 社長 likes pizza, that question has been answered.

Also, I want pizza now…