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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 53: 幼なじみ


Start Date: September 14th
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That slippery dip terrifies me. Like, if you hit that landing at speed, your pelvis is gonna wind up inside your brain.

What’s Al saying in the aside comment in the last panel of page 62? 一コ上?

Last page, single tiny cameo of Athena, there. And Woody too, I guess, but to me, it’s only clear that it’s Woody in the omake panel. Side note, did anyone see that twist coming?


I didn’t see any twist?

Forgot to answer, 一個上 means one year older.

He was taking care of them because he is older. The position of the text is indeed a bit confusing.


The twist that the kid from back then was Akira. Guess if you didn’t even see the twist, then you weren’t surprised at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wasn’t that supposed to be obvious? She looks very similar to her older self and talks the same way (俺様だっ俺様 or something). Plus アル just said that their interaction brings him back, and so did アリシア. Obviously 暁 didn’t know, and 晃 doesn’t remember, but I wouldn’t call that a twist? Or are you talking about something else?


She also uses her distinctive (and unique) chibi-version mouth at various times during the flashback. But on the other hand, she’s dressed as a boy, never explicity challenges baby Akatsuki’s assumptions that she’s a boy, and refers to herself as 俺様, so there’s clearly meant to be at least some uncertainty. Alicia doesn’t comment on the nostalgia until after the flashback.

Since it’s Al’s flashback, his involvement in the scene was never in question. And perhaps Al was aware the whole time that the “boy” was Akira, but who knows?

Tiny tomboy Akira is adorable and fearless and I love it

Also is it just me or does baby Al look almost exactly the same as present-day Al xD I guess he’s taller now, but other than that…although I suppose it would have been hard to draw him looking much younger than he already does. Forever young, forever adorable

I love Akira’s demon muppet face on pg 59. Some choice facial expressions in this chapter all around tbh xD


I only realized it after the flashback, but maybe I’m just slow. :yawning_face:

And so we learned almost every character on Aqua has known eachother since childhood? But (finally after a couple of martian years) Akari can feel like she’s part of the inner circle.


Oh, I thought so too. He’s just one year older than Akatsuki and Woody, but those two look like absolute munchkins, while he’s no different at all.

Well, they’ve met at least. Not entirely sure if that counts as “known each other”. And Akari’s always been part of the inner circle - she just needed to be told that she was. :slightly_smiling_face: Honestly, given Akari’s ability to bring people together, she practically is the inner circle.


You guys are too fast!


True, true. In the same way that the chapter starts with her being all alone and having most of the gang there by the end.


Just not catching up after the weekend for a change :stuck_out_tongue:


I still haven’t read last week’s short chapter. Meant to read both today, but I might not.


I agree with @Naphthalene that the “twist” was so obvious that it doesn’t even count as a twist. I think it was not surprising at all that Akira would have talked and acted like that when she was younger. It’s not very different from now, except that now she says 晃様 instead of 俺様. :stuck_out_tongue: