Are there any userscripts or apps that do this?

I’m looking to actually see the usage of different vocab and kanji that I learn in WaniKani. I know there are practice sentences in the lessons but I would like some sort of SRS for my learned vocabulary. For example, there are verbs that we learn like “to study” or “to see” or “to be visible” or “to show” or “to buy” but I don’t know how to properly use them. I know there is something like bunpro but I’m looking more for something that directly integrates with my current progress on wanikani. WaniKani is my main tool for studying and I want to keep it that way.

There are sites like:

Where you can search for example sentences for words. Also on jisho and many other online dictionaries there are example sentences.
If you start to read eventually, you will see the important words and how they are used anyway, though. :slight_smile:


There is an anime sentences script that shows you the example uses of the words in anime. You could then put them in to your own anki deck and use them that way?

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