Anyway to add example vocab for kanji during reviews?

Really liking WaniKani so far but not having context for some of the Kanji can get confusing. Is there a script to add the “Used in Vocabulary” section during reviews? I would love to be able to see the example words during reviews that are shown when you first learn the kanji in lessons. I often forget the onyom reading and need to see it used in a word to remember it clearly. For example, 有 I would like to see 有名 in the expanded section during reviews, because I often find myself saying “Did I even learn a word that uses this reading?” . :slightly_smiling_face:


Not vocab, but this shows a complete sentence for kanji and vocab reviews. I personally use this.


Thanks I had forgotten about the non inline version. For words the Kanji is used in Im just going to add them in the notes section manually, not sure why I didnt think of that.

Technically speaking, only vocabulary items have context sentences. But it probably wouldn’t be too hard to modify the script to insert one or more vocabulary words associated with kanji in the same space.

You mean something like this?

During kanji reviews, it’ll show you vocabulary words that contain that kanji to help jog your memory on the kanji meaning and/or reading.


Wow that is perfect thank you!

Seconding as one of my favorite scripts!

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