Can I find any discounts now or must I wait half the year?

I finished the free levels after the Christmas deal was over and loved it.
I would like a Annual Wanikani subscription but it’s VERY expensive in my country when you convert it from USD to AUD. I’ve finally gotten a job thank God, but I’m still weary about spending too much money especially given I don’t have the best track reckord with consistent study. The liftetime is out of the question for me at the moment due to cost ($400 in my country)

Luckily for me I found a website called ‘Renshuu’ which has N5-1 series but unfortunately doesn’t seem to have the radical and also typed answer approach which seems beneficial to me.
I know some of you might recommend Anki and no offense to the Anki creators you did great, but I just personally hate using Anki with a burning passion because it requires too much quick self-evaluation and since I’m a massive overthinker it’s pure torture for me and also the UI is kinda clunky and too technical for my liking as well, so anki is off the list.

So back to Wanikani, it seems the best option for me. I’ve just finished studying Japanese at uni but missed over whole year of memorizing kanji and vocab simply because it wasn’t important for the test in online classes and as a result I feel I’ve gotten super rusty and fallen behind. I presume I’m hovering somewhere around N3 ( in terms of reading, not handwriting) although I’ve flitted around and learned N2 and even N1 grammar and vocab. I set my phone to Japanese and get news articles pop up and I’d like to read them without having to open a dictionary every other word.

Would it be best for me to just wait until the end of the year, get monthly subscriptions until the end of the year or is there some grand discount hiding from me in plain sight? I have tried using ‘coupon websites’ which of course didn’t work.


I would recommend emailing the wanikani team directly and asking if there are any discounts. From what I’ve heard they’ll usually give you one for the yearly subscription. The lifetime usually goes on sale around Christmas and new years. Any unused time on your subscription will be prorated and discount the lifetime even further.


Look at the thread I’ve opened, you’ll find the coupon codes for 20% and 25% :grin::grin:

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I also don’t really like Anki (I really prefer typing in my answers). I’ve been using Houhou instead for SRS learning vocabulary and sentences. There aren’t any pre-loaded decks but I just wanted something I could type in my own cards into that followed Wanikani’s formatting. It’s a free program. It’s only on Windows though.

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They often have wk discount codes during ad breaks on the Tofugu podcast, which itself is a great resource.


Thank you, but I don’t see any such thread? Could you please drop a link?

Thanks, I’ll check it out! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll have a look!

Just to clarify, are you saying it’s $300 AUD? If so, that’s actually much cheaper when you convert it from USD, as the USD price is also $300, or nearly $400AUD.

Sorry mate you’re right I made a typo! It is actually 400 which is WAY too much for a broke as student like me hehe

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All good! It’s definitely a large chunk of cash and not easy for everyone to manage, but of course $225 would be a big difference from $400 so I wanted to make sure you weren’t missing out :blush: Hope you’re able to find a way to swing it! It’s a great tool, resource, and community!


Yes, there you go

I don’t know if tjose coupons are still working. But as other people stated, you can always write an email to the staff. I did so and they responded me a few hours later​:+1:t4::+1:t4: hope i could help you hanabichan.

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I just used it and it worked! Thank you so much, it’s an early birthday present for me~!


Just used it, thank you so much!!

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No problem, i am glad i could have helped you and that i did something good today haha. The wanikani community awesome and they are always here to help you! So I recommend you reading the threads :100: I wish you success in your journey​:grin::grin:

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You know you could set up Anki to accept written input right?

Yea I do. This application just already had it set up for me in the exact formatting I wanted. Just a matter of personal preference.

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Same for me, had some succes with anki but I was never really satisfied with it.

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