Are there any more Emails from Koichi when finishing levels after lvl 4?

The emails from Koichi really motivated me… are there any more coming or is it just the first few until level 4?

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It’s just for the first few levels until level 4 ^^

This is from one of the Crabigator’s henchmen moderators:



Got to level 11 with no congratulatory email. Worried the same will happen at 21. Game breaking bug, please fix.


Congratulations on hitting level 17!
You have been on WK now for quite some time and shown your guts and tendency.
You build a habit of success and every day you are climbing higher and higher.
Before long you will have reached the half-way mark.
Keep up the good work, do not neglect your health and never forget the fun.
Always have your goal in mind.
You are doing great and will continue so.


If you want more emails (not necessarily from Koichi), you can do any of the following:

  • buy lifetime
  • wait for the new years email
  • email (also good for reporting bugs)

Awww, I was hoping for an email when you hit level 60. Like a congratulatory email. Pleeeeease @koichi @viet.


If you’re looking for a few extra sensational inspirational celebrational words passed down from Koichi and/or Crabigator disciples, you could also try looking at the Twitter account, as occasionally something will pop up there.
For example, little motivating snippets of Kanji-in-the-Wild, challenging you to put your steadily improving reading abilities to the test…

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Dear [insert WK username],

Congratulations on reaching level 60! This email is to inform you that there is in fact a T-shirt available for purchase for users who finish the site. You can access the secret item at the Tofugu store using this access code: KOICHI42+

But make sure to not let anyone else know, or else we’ll be forced to send our best assassin after you… :durtle_stabby:

Good luck in your future Japanese studies, we’re so glad we could be a part of your Japanese learning journey.

All Hail the Mighty Crabigator,



You could also try emailing hello@wanikani and asking Koichi to send you emails. “Dear Koichi, Please send me more emails. I miss you. Sincerely ErebosM. P.S. Are you my mother?”



You actually DESIRE random emails from potentially strange, disturbed individuals?

You might be on the wrong forums… :fearful:

Or maybe not… :crazy_face:

You guys… :man_facepalming:


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