Skritter WaniKani list


I thought I’d take a look at Skritter and heard there’s a WK ordered list to study.
Now I opened the Android app and it prompted me to select one from a list, but it doesn’t include anything WaniKani.

Any idea?

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@VegasVed do you know anything about this?


found em. i logged in on my pc and found a switch that lets you search for user generated courses.
there’s 3 for wk. one only goes up to lvl 20, the others are lv 1-60 “kanji only” and “vocab only”.
i picked the vocab course and set my schedule to 20 new items per day. will try this for a week and see how it feels.

it’s kinda nice to be able to write 富士山 by hand though. :slight_smile: liking it a lot on day 1.

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Let me know how it goes please! I intended to use Skritter eventually, once I think about learning handwritting. The preview they have available felt awesome ^^

But it’s expensive…

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learning 富 was already a kinda impressive experience. kanji are rough shapes with “points of interest” for me, which would be those little features that help you discriminate them from similar ones.
writing it by hand, it came to life. it’s now a “real thing”, not something that looks like 副、福、蝠、幅 “without extras, but a hat” :slight_smile:

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Interesting, I’ve never heard of skritter.

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Any recommendations for more … affordable apps?

You can cheat with an Anki Deck and the Ankidroid (Android Anki App) Drawboard mode.
There is no automatic rating of your input though (which I assume Skritter does).


Thanks! That’s a great idea. I didn’t even know Anki had a drawing mode.

When I tried Skritter and the WaniKani list, I was disappointed. The iOS app was buggy, the support non responsive and the experience was overall not worth it considering the price. I was much happier with a Anki deck and scratch pad mode as @Chiv mentioned.

I stopped doing writing practice altogether eventually since the time investment was not worth it for the time being. But if I would get back into it, I would choose Anki. I love being flexible and also having any additional info like WaniKani mnemonics and whatever else I want available directly on my cards.


Thank you for that input. I definitely won’t invest my money then.

I might actually go old school and use gasp paper …

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Whoa. Fancy! :smiley:

I liked being able to use Anki since I could practice anywhere and having an SRS is nice too. But actually writing with a real pen on real paper is super nice too. I never could quite make it a habit for myself but I think it is great when someone does. Maybe I’ll try again in a couple of years from now (but I probably won’t… my life is just too digital to make it worth my time).

Err, just for clearity sake (sorry for not being clear enough before):
The Android Version of Anki, Ankidroid, has an “Drawing Mode”. Not the desktop one.

The iOS verison has one too. I think on the desktop it’s less important since when you are on your desktop already you could also write on paper (but good to know, I was not aware of this yet).

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