App wont work on my phone

When I try to open the app it just keeps showing the “shiba recognised you” loading screen. I’ve tried uninstalling it a bunch of times but it hasnt been working. I just got charged for another year and I was wondering if anyone knew whether I might be able to cancel my subscription and get it refunded since it was just a couple of days ago, or whether there is a way to fix the app.


Try a different app. I know one of the iOS one hasn’t worked recently, but it’s not WK’s responsibility to maintain any 3rd party apps or tools.

You can always email them if you to talk about getting your money back though.

Must be

You might try another app on iOS. It is very recently updated.

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There’s an app?
I just use the webpage on my phone. Works perfectly
I even added a bookmark to the home screen so it opens just like a normal app

In case others come searching here (like I did), the issue is likely that your Public API Key has not been generated (Menu->Settings->Account). Even though the WaniKani app has you log in, it appears to only use this to retrieve the API key, much like AlliCrab, and the version 1 key is not generated by default. Generating this key allowed me to log in on the 3rd party app.

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Yes all you have to do is go to your settings on the WaniKani website, click account, scroll to the bottom, and click generate API key. Then all you have to do is copy that key and paste it as your username in the app. Your password is whatever you already created!

I hope that helps <3

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