iOS Wanikani APP

Hi everybody, is there anybody who is using Wanikani app on a iOS device? I downloaded it on my iPhone and I never reached the login page :frowning:
Any help would be greatly aprreciated!! :slight_smile:

Is it this one? None of the apps are official, they’re all made by third parties and have their own dedicated threads.

I saw this one, but it is not the app I downloaded! Do you recommend it? :smiley:

No, I don’t use any of the iOS apps, I was just taking a stab at which one you might be talking about.

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I only know of two iOS apps available, the one that you are most likely using (with the spinning doge?) currently has some login problem. I think there is a workaround where you have to copy you API key to your clipboard for the login to work (there is a thread somewhere… ). But I think it is not worth the effort, in my opinion after comparing them for a while, the “Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani” that was linked above is the better and more stable one.

I use AlliCrab, and it works for me. I’d recommend you try it out and see if you like it. I like that it has the option to use some scripts, like one that randomizes the kanji font, an override script in case you mistype an answer, etc. So if the other app isn’t working, give AlliCrab a try.


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