WanaKani App

I’m really loving Wanikani! Do you know if the iOS App works properly? Currently after typing my credentials, it never goes further the loading screen…:sob:

I actually feel kinda excited thinking WanaKani is a new 3rd party apps like KaniWani… Now I’m disappointed its just a typo.

The Android Apps is stable enough, so I presume the iOS should be too. Anyone with iOS around?

or is it the name of the ios apps?

I use AlliCrab for iPad and it works great, and some scripts are already included.

There is known login issue with The New iOS app.

I have no problem, though.

I have both iOS installed. Used to use mainly Allicrab, but now I rarely use either. Now, I just use a laptop.

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I was extra confused because WanaKana is the name of the conversion script used for the input fields.

Yes - I am using iOS, and all I get after logging in is a rotating Inu head :frowning:

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はい, same as me…

Mobile AlliCrab is a decent app for iOS.

Just to be sure that you understand, none of the mobile apps are official products of WaniKani, they are apps made by 3rd parties, mainly people here who enjoy WaniKani themselves.

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Allicrab works well for me.

I also have the Wanikani app (although it’s 2-3 versions behind) - it works mostly fine, so I never updated it since people seem to have trouble with it. I say mostly fine, because I got a new API one day, and now the number of lessons/reviews don’t update…but if I hit reviews it still lets me do my reviews, so it works out ok.

If there’s a way to get an older version, maybe it’ll work better?

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I reinstalled the app and it works fine now :massage_man:t2: … but yeah, it’s seems that the desktop version is the most updated and tested one…:expressionless: apps falls behind so it’s less reliable…:confounded: