API version 2 moving out of beta. Sunsetting API version 1

What about KaniWani? It shows invalid when I try to update with the API 2, so far it only works with API 1.

Is there a V2 of KaniWani as well? :eyes:


Why not ask in the KaniWani thread?


Actually, I take that back a little. When I log in using my v2 key, AlliCrab shows 0 for lessons and reviews which is so far off it’s not funny. The v1 key shows the correct numbers.

Not really a big deal for me, since it’s still better than nothing.

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Has it ever slowed down before?

I wrote most of my scripts during a 2-year period where I was essentially unemployed, because I live in a very rural area and my one client that I had for my entire career went through a budget downturn.

I had a gazillion recruiters calling, but all for work that required moving to urban areas or had a 90 minute commute time. I don’t want to move or commute so far, so while scouting for good remote work, I was starting down the path of creating my own equivalent of EtoEto since I really enjoyed learning Japanese on WK, and I wanted to apply my extensive knowledge of how the brain works (due to a life-long interest in neuroscience and artificial intelligence) to Japanese language-learning. I was also just finishing a year with a Japanese exchange student, and we got to know her English teacher in Japan. So I had started building some ideas for working with her and a retired Japanese guy, who teaches English to Japanese, that I met through a university’s language exchange. I also did two very small contracts for Tofugu, and was (and still am) hoping for the timing to work out to do more work with them, or end up with them full-time.

Then about 1.5yrs ago, I found a 6-month contract doing work related to Navy combat submersibles, and just as that was finishing, my original employer/client had returned with a huge contract for Italy (TV/radio broadcast equipment). And while still working on that, the Navy subcontractor asked for a little bit of follow-up work. But it’s uncertain what will happen when these two contracts end. I only know that the Navy will have at least little more work early next year.

If I end up with no work again for a while, maybe I’ll return to working on the Japanese grammar project (Actually, it’s a whole-Japanese project, with all aspects of language being learned together). Or maybe my timing will work out with Tofugu.

Yeah, there have been big slow-downs, and it makes for some interesting times!


Ok, good. You’ve seemed so busy the last two years. I hope you’re handling it well.

What was that language where you had to factor in the speed of light called? I remember you telling me about it ages ago and it seemed interesting.


It took me a moment to figure out what you were referring to, but I think I got it.

With both VHDL and Verilog (and other Hardware Description Languages), you have to factor in the speed that electrical signals travel through the chip. On very high speed designs, you have to specify where the compiler should physically place your code inside the chip so that signals will arrive at their destination in the shortest time possible.


Ah yes, that was it! Thank you, I want read some more about it. I am not a software engineer, though, so it will most likely go over my head.

HDL languages tend to be somewhat foreign even to software engineers. They are really a specialized language for electrical engineers, though the industry is trying to make them more usable by software-oriented people. Ultimately, what’s so foreign about it is that everything happens in parallel (unless explicitly serialized), so you end up thinking very differently.

Not trying to discourage you… just describing it so you’ll have a better framework for understanding.


That’s funny, electrical engineering is actually closer to what I am studying at uni. I am pretty bad at the little electrical stuff I have done, but I am interested in those sorts of things as well. Either way I doubt I would ever go deep enough to actually find an application for it, I’m just curious. I’ve been considering learning enough programming to get a low level job eventually, so I should probably focus more on webdev :sweat_smile: Everything is interesting


That’s a good attitude for a programmer!
It’s also how I got to where I am… always learning.


Just curious, does API v2 offer anything that v1 simply does not have? Or is it all just about being able to access things easier?

v2 has always been around since I started the iPhone app I’m working on.


Yes, there’s a lot of info in v2 that v1 doesn’t have. Just a small sample:

  • Timestamps for when the user started each level
  • Info about level resets
  • More complete info about individual user reviews.

I’m certain there’s more, but I’m just listing what jumps out from memory.


Thank you to the WaniKani team for continuing to adapt and improve the website and application. Your hard work is appreciated! :blush::sparkling_heart:


I’ll miss “Progress and Projections”.


That sucks as I’ve only been able to use the API version 1 as when I tried using version 2 it didn’t work when using an app called Benkyou.

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Great! I’m planning on using the stabilized API soon. :+1:

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Thank you for this! I had the same fear (being unable to use WK stats from now on)


Okay, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I don’t know where else.

So, today I headed over to WaniKani to do my reviews and found out that all of my downloaded scripts stopped working. I know it’s not because of the update with the illustrated lesson and review buttons (I was able to get scripts to work after that update). Is it because of this API update? That wouldn’t make sense, though, because that’s only supposed to happen in September, right?

Is it because of the Minor Menu Updates? Because if that’s the update messing with my in-review scripts, it’s not really minor. I don’t think it’s that one, though, because that update happened on April 6th. Yesterday, all my scripts worked fine for me, so I’m confused what’s going on.

If something changed with the API, I understand that it will take some time for people maintaining the scripts to get everything fixed, but I just don’t see what would be causing anything to be different.

And it may sound drastic, but if I can’t use WaniKani Ultimate Timeline or auto-commit; the end of the enter key, I shall go insane. There’s other scripts I like to use to achieve the perfect WaniKani experience, but those two are the most important to me.

Just checked, and Ultimate Timeline as well as other scripts work well for me. So it does not seem to be a general issue.

I guess you know the drill, of reloading, restarting, logout/login and so on, so I hope this will fix things for you…

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