Anyone want to try playing animal crossing in Japanese with me?

I was thinking this would be a fun thing to do. We could share word definitions and talk about how island life is going.

There is a lot of small talk that goes on between each character. Though there is some specific word ending depending on what type of animal is talking. So it definitely isn’t all real-world Japanese.

It could be a fun way to incorporate Japanese into our daily lives. Does anyone think this would be a good idea? Let me know!

Edit: Ok looks like we got a few people who are interested. I’ll organize this post so it can be more interactive starting next week.

And someone gave me the great idea of doing weekly check-ins on our islands. Challenge yourself and describe what has been going on in Japanese to the best of your ability.

PRO TIP: The opening tutorial and intro is long and use a bit of advanced Japanese. So give yourself a bit of time to get through it! I’ll work on starting the vocab list this evening that is specifically for the intro I’ll have the list up sometime next week.

EDIT: Looks like I have to have “Regular” status to make an interactive wiki for the vocab list. I don’t have that and I don’t think ill be getting Regular status anytime soon since I just started becoming regularly involved in the community again. Is anyone who has regular status willing to start an interactive wiki page for us to use for collaborating and making a vocab list?


That sounds interesting! I have Animal Crossing, haven’t played in a long time, but I think I’d be down to try it out in Japanese. Would we be talking to each other in Japanese?

I was playing New Leaf in Japanese for a while. I keep telling myself I need to pick it back up.

Yeah, we can talk to each other in Japanese.

To be honest I’m pretty new to Animal crossing. I’ll be starting from scratch basically. I’m also not 100% familiar with the English names of the characters so ill probably refer to them by their Japanese names.

This will be for New Horizons by the way.

Yeah that’s the one. I haven’t even completed the main parts of the game, it was my only animal crossing game so I can’t say I know anyone well either

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Omg yes! I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, I even deleted my old island and began playing, but I didn’t get though the entire tutorial, forgot it doesn’t save and then got discouraged when I realised I was going to have to play though the entire tutorial again (Timmy and Tommy talk for so long and there’s so much keigo stuff going on). But I’ve been meaning to do it so having people I could talk about it with would be perfect ^^

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Oh my gosh yes I completely understand how difficult it is to go through that whole beginning. I have done it twice now and I am doing it a third time :frowning:
I’ve learned that since it does fatigue you you should just do that on that day and not play much else. Unless you really have the mental energy for it.

I’m not looking forward to doing it again…but after that, it gets easier. all the rest of the small talk is pretty easy in comparison.

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So any ideas for this space? I am not used to running challenges or making interactive posts. So if anyone has advice, ideas, or wants to create a more interactive space for this just let me know.

As of right now I’m just mostly thinking about sharing definitions and making a vocab list basically. How do I make my post a wiki so people can do that?

I’ve been wanting to do this for a bit so I guess now is as good a time as any to try it out.

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For sure. When I was playing in English I got annoyed by the fact that the villagers repeated the same small talk a lot, I know they were better in past games, but when playing in Japanese it’ll be good because it’s like SRS lol

I think that sounds good. I haven’t been on the forum for all that long so I actually don’t really know how these things work :'D But the vocab thing sounds good. I think it’ll also be fun to update what we’ve been doing on the island and something that we’ve learned. Actually, trying to do little reports in Japanese could be great :0

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I’m in! I have a large Anki list already since I started playing a while back, but it’s been on the back burner. There are a lot of words I’m not dying to learn quite just yet(thanks Blathers), but I would like to get back into the game.

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Oh sweet! Would you be okay with sharing the deck?

Hopefully it’ll help you out :v:

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