Studying with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp



I figured I wanted to start playing animal crossing pocket camp on Japanese . Unfortunately there’s no furigana included and there are many words I still don’t know. Do you guys maybe have a advice how I can still manage to learn something while playing it?


I have just started today to play it in japanese. I am not really “playing” it, but studying with it. I go line by line and extract the vocabulary (although it can sometimes take a while, since I have to look for the kanji I don’t know by looking its radicals), look at its meaning mainly in Jisho and then creating personalized decks in TinyCards. (If you are interested, you can check the two decks I have made so far: Deck1, Deck2)

At the moment, my only purpose is to learn vocabulary. I am not analyzing the grammar yet. I hope that as I keep learning the vocabulary used, I will be able to play it comfortably.


Sounds like a good idea. Thanks :smile:


You can also take a screenshot and use Google Translate.