Anyone interested in an 暁のヨナ (Yona of the Dawn) book club?

EDIT: Thanks everyone. Link to home thread is here.

I plan to do so anyway, but it’s nice to do so with others :slight_smile: if we get enough people, we can start working out logistics.

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Reading speed?
  • 1 chapter a week
  • 2 chapters a week

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You should probably remake the poll so it’s public. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the anime, but the manga is way too long for my taste. Hopefully you can get a good group together.

What difficulty level do you think the book is? I haven’t managed to join any of the book clubs yet :thinking: So I’d be interested in just reading the first one, if it’s not too hard. Looks like it’s only $15 $12.60 on Kinokuniya, too.

I thought it was public o.O I don’t seem setting for that. Not sure how to do that.

You can preview books on an ebook site and see how difficult it is for you.

In the settings, you just have to click the “Show who voted” box. :slight_smile:

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Or you can copy this poll and change the options. :wink:

Fixed (I hope) thanks!

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I think I’d be interested! I’m just finishing Kiki this month and I’m looking for something new to read. I loved reading Yona of the Dawn a few years ago in English, so I think it’d be a good next step for me. Definitely more difficult than Kiki, but it’s also a manga. So mark me down as interested. :slight_smile:

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I love Yona very much and I always enjoy re-reading it, so I would be in :slight_smile: (never read it in japanese before)

Same! It’s my favorite manga series and I’d love to read it in its original language :star_struck:

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I love the manga. I think I even have the first volume in Japanese. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have the time for it. I’m already in two bookclubs and the last time I tried to join another one because I liked the manga I ended up completely overwhelmed. I don’t know, maybe I’ll give it a shot again if you get a group together.

No worries. It’s important not to turn language learning into a chore so try not to overwhelm yourself:)

I bought the first volume back when I first watched the Anime, and I still haven’t read it (mostly because I keep buying other manga and books :rofl:) so you can count me in for at least volume 1.

Yes, the struggle to not buy more manga than you can read is real. Good to know!

@sakuchu @AshesIntoFlame @deliana88
How many people is good enough to start? Only four people said yes and I think four is a too small.

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I haven’t done a book club here before so I’m not sure what’s normal, but I’d be happy to do it with four. You never know, more people might appear once we actually set dates and start reading. :slight_smile:

Four motivated readers are enough for a club. Usually, people aim for 10+ to make sure ~5 people are left by the end.
We were about 6 in the ARIA book club midway through but everyone stayed until the end and that was great.


I agree here I think you could try setting it up and some people might join when they see it’s getting serious :smiley:

Alright. We can talk logistics then. I’ve never joined a bookclub let alone start one so bare with me, please.

What we need to get down is:

  • Scheduled or unscheduled?: I think scheduled so it feels more like a group thing
  • If scheduled: A chapter a week sounds good?
  • When to start?: I’m not sure how much time everyone needs to get their copy of the books if they don’t have it yet. How does March 1st sound?

Feel free to suggest anything else~

I would be interested! I read the first couple volumes in japanese a couple years ago but then kind of lost steam. Would love to pick it back up and actually get through it.
I agree that scheduled would be more fun. Only one chapter a week sounds a bit slow to me, but I’d be fine with it if that’s what everyone prefers, especially since everyone has different levels of experience reading.