Requesting a "Reading" subsection in the forums


@Kristen I’d like to request a “Reading” subsection of the “Japanese Language” forum section. I think it would compliment the other subsections, like “Listening” and “Speaking”. It would be a nice place where people could discuss books they are reading or request suggestions about books to read.

よつばと! Vol 4 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

\o/ Agree \o/


Done and done!



P.S. You need to update the pinned description of the new section to say “Reading” instead of “Listening” in one place.


Huzzah!! This will make future finding of old bookclub posts so much easier!


Just moved the thread for red nightmares in there :slight_smile:


Could I trouble you to move all the Kiki chapters, please? I lost my regular status so I don’t think I have the power to do it myself, alas.


Let’s hold off on moving them until we verify with the reading group that it’s okay. I only made a poll because of how it would change the private/public access to the content.


Sean, I think you and I ARE the current Kiki reading group… :rofl:


Umm that’s true haha. There’s one thread for Yotsuba as well…


That subsection doesn’t seem available to me though :thinking:


I’m still reading along too! I’m sorry I haven’t posted much in Chapter 10 and 11.