Requesting a "Reading" subsection in the forums

@anon20839864 I’d like to request a “Reading” subsection of the “Japanese Language” forum section. I think it would compliment the other subsections, like “Listening” and “Speaking”. It would be a nice place where people could discuss books they are reading or request suggestions about books to read.


\o/ Agree \o/


Done and done!



P.S. You need to update the pinned description of the new section to say “Reading” instead of “Listening” in one place.

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Huzzah!! This will make future finding of old bookclub posts so much easier!


Just moved the thread for red nightmares in there :slight_smile:

Could I trouble you to move all the Kiki chapters, please? I lost my regular status so I don’t think I have the power to do it myself, alas.

Let’s hold off on moving them until we verify with the reading group that it’s okay. I only made a poll because of how it would change the private/public access to the content.

Sean, I think you and I ARE the current Kiki reading group… :rofl:

Umm that’s true haha. There’s one thread for Yotsuba as well…

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That subsection doesn’t seem available to me though :thinking:

I’m still reading along too! I’m sorry I haven’t posted much in Chapter 10 and 11.

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