Stragglers Read Kiki Together

@Burnannator, @ganbareniichan, and myself are going to read Kiki together. We’re on chapter 3 already from the Repeat Book Club, but we want a place to meet up and chat about the book as we go. And we don’t want to bug the other readers from the group, so we’ve made our own topic.

Anyone is welcome to join and discuss.

@Burnannator - I’m thinking we use this chat to ask each other questions about stuff we’re stuck on, share our general thoughts, and then meet up every chapter or so to discuss and keep motivating each other.

I’m nearly done with chapter 3, probably will be done in the next couple weeks. Do we want to set a loose date to check in?

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Hnmm how about in a week? I’m nearly done with tje semester, should give me enough time to finish chapter 3! How you lile it so far? Gotta admit it’s a big of a struggle!

That works, so next Monday it is! I have 11 pages left, so that’s definitely doable. :slight_smile:

I’m really enjoying it. And yes, it’s a huge struggle! We’re on the struggle bus together. This is my first book, so without the visual aids of manga or television, it’s definitely harder. But it’s so soothing to read, I can really imagine the world the author creates. I really like that part of it.

I’ve also never seen the movie, and I’m leaving it as a reward at the end of the book.

Okay well…I’m at my first stuck point that seems like a good thing to discuss. I’m at the sentence.


I honestly feel like this could go so many ways. Does it mean that Kiki thought to herself “I wonder who said that” and stopped still.

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I thought the same thing! Sorry for late response. I do it’s a struggle to read the book since it’s homestly ome of my first!

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It’s taking me forever to read a page. But I’m also adding vocab words to my Anki deck, which I think takes the most time. And it seems to be getting easier! (I hope)

Did you consider a premade deck?? I already finished mine on Anki

Yes, I did that for awhile. But it didn’t stick. Instead, I just have one single deck for all Japanese vocab that I find as I read/watch/chat, etc, and I just add 10 words a day. That’s been going well so far. :slight_smile:


I have two pages left! I’m going to read them tomorrow (Monday). I can’t believe we’re finally going to be done with this chapter!!

I finished Chapter 3!!! :slight_smile: Send me a note once you finish.

Edit: Come on @Burnannator, you can do it!

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I just did right now! How did you like the chapter?

Personally little by little I’m getting used to reading it.

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Hello! I feel awkward about barging in, but I just wanted to say that you really are welcome to post in the book club discussion threads if you get stuck on anything you aren’t able to work out yourselves here. I know the OP says you didn’t want to bug book club members, but people are always happy to help.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the book :blush:


Hi Radish8! Please barge in anytime, haha. And yes, we will do that. Thanks for thinking of us. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also I love your commitment to radishes. I plant them in my garden, and they’re my favorite.

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Congrats!! That was one long chapter.

I have a love/hate relationship with this chapter. This is my second time trying to read Kiki, and last time around I stopped in the middle of Chapter 3. So now, I am finally done with it. But that hang up aside, I really enjoyed it. I love traveling, I love towns by the sea, I love the feeling of figuring out where you’re going to stay the night. This was such a peaceful read. I’m also excited to start the new chapter. What will happen tomorrow morning? Where will she go?

I also feel like it’s getting a bit easier to read. I’m putting any vocab words I don’t know into my Anki deck, and it’s generally not that many these days. And more often than not, it’s only one word out of a sentence that I don’t understand. That feels encouraging.

How is it going for you? You’re level 36, do you feel like you’re recognizing a lot of the words already? What’d you think of the chapter? :slight_smile:


Yeah! Before I stopped at tje first pages, it happened when college was speeding up again, I burned out and took a break.

I like all the scenery it just immerses me, I bearly read books but it’s a joy to read.

I’m level 36 and since I finished a premade Anki deck(I still did Anki when I burned out. I don’t have to look at words much but it still happens. I actually plan on staying around level 36 only because I know I need to improve all other facets in Japanese including reading!


Nice! And yes, I loved the scene when the river joined the ocean, I really felt like I could see it! How else are you studying Japanese? I agree, WK feels like it can take up so much time…it’s just one part of this journey.

So Chapter 4 has 26 pages. I think I read about 12 pages a week. Do we want to try to aim for the 30th for our Chapter 4 meet up? That’s a bit aggressive, but we also have a Christmas break. :slight_smile: We could also do Jan 2 if we want to give ourselves room.

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I am glad to hear of your love for radishes :grin:

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Yes, January 2nd sounds fine! Christmas break felt so long ways away but it’s not here! Enjoy your break!

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May I join in? Currently reading on my own and I just got to chapter 3, but I’m sure I can make it through 4 by the new year…


Of course! Welcome!! I wonder if we can change the post title…

How are you enjoying the book?