Anyone interested in a Userscript to "Combine" WaniKani and Bunpro review sessons?

I’ve recently made a Userscript that automatically switches tabs between 2 open WaniKani and Bunpro review sessions (randomly proportional to the reviews in each), as I’ve always had the issue of prioritizing one website over the other.

If anyone’s interested in trying it out, let me know and I’ll clean up the code and post it. If I get some interest I’ll flesh it out more (add more websites, customization, etc) as well.

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I’d be interested in something like this, thanks!

What websites do you use? I think I’m going to rewrite it to support multiple websites (not just WK and BP), so I might as well get all the ones people want in there for the initial release.

I’m currently just using WK and Bunpro (Satori Reader too, but not their SRS), but I’m sure there are others that could be integrated as well

There are probably a good portion of people who use either KaniWani or KameSame (I personally use the latter)

Something like this would be a big help. Its tough switching between various apps especially when im working.

Would love something that mixes WK, KW and Bunpro reviews