Any way to actually burn a word?

I came back after a long time and apparently there have been a lot of additions on the first level like Hello, goodbye or even katakana words etc that I already know and I would like to just send them to the burn words.

Tried searching for that but I can’t really find a good answer.
Can anyone help me?

And sorry if there is on another topic and I haven’t seen it.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hey Hiruke,

Welcome back to WaniKani! :crocodile::crab:

While you can’t directly burn kana-only items, you can avoid learning them by using the Lesson Picker which is available by clicking on the Advanced button within the larger Lessons button.

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I expect that doing this (using the lesson picker to manage the lesson content and search out and filter out the kana only vocab) would take more time and require more effort than just answering them and getting them out of the way. If someone knows them already it takes just a couple of seconds to type in the answer.

There were indeed a few very long threads when the change was introduced. It was one of the “the world as we know it is coming to an end” level of polarizing changes :wink:


To avoid kana-only vocabulary, consider Smoldering Durtles (Android):

Or Tsurukame (iOS):

Or Reorder Omega (Web Browser/User Script):

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried any of these approaches because I don’t mind the kana vocabulary.

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I agree with you , but is not only just typing in the answer but going through the lessons all the time. It’s just a waste of time that I would like to avoid.

But thank you for your answer !

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Thank you @TofuguNico .

This means that every time I want to do some lessons I would need to select which words or Kanjis I want since if I let it on automatic it will be selecting also the kana ones right?


That is correct, we do want to offer more solutions for this in the future, but for now, if you wish to completely avoid the kana-only vocabulary, that is how you can achieve it natively in WaniKani.

This is very likely, but I wanted to point out that an alternative existed, just in case.

I killed all my Connie Chihuahuas (read the こんにちは writeup) by giving them a “k” user synonym.

There’s been a batch of about 60 one time and I guess they will haunt the WK halls forever