Too Many Lessons with Easy words

Hey I have returned from a break of Wani and I have around 150 lessons of really basics words. Is there a way to burn them immediately they dont take to much space in my reviews?


Nope, but you can add a userscript to bypass them, I think.


What I have done is just use Lesson Filter with the above thing described. You just gotta open the Dev console in the lesson page and paste the code in there. It will automatically remember it and don’t give you any of the kana lessons if you filter. But you can also use Reorder Omega to filter the Kana out if you don’t use Lesson Filter. Just install Reorder Omega and copy all of the things in the pic.

You can also just create usersynonyms with “I” or something and burn them within 6 months or how ever long it takes to burn an item.