Kana-only vocab - Burn item button

Just did some lessons today and stumbled upon the kana-vocabs. Felt kinda angry that I cannot remove them from my main deck.

Can the WaniKani team please add a “Burn Item” button for Kana-only vocab, or place them in a separate deck? It really hampers my learning process. And why do I need to review kana-vocabs starting from level 3?

Also, the landing page says 6,000 vocab but in reality there will be way more in the future. Should be updated imo. “In just over a year” would not be correct in that case (once we have a hundreds of kana-vocabs).


This topic is already being discussed in the following link.

The just over a year thing is really only doable if you speed everything and don’t miss any questions. It is also over 6000 vocabulary currently.

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Yeah, I know but I feel like my voice will be lost among thousands of other replies. Hopefully more people create topics like this until WaniKani team notices the problem.


It’s still going to be correct, it’s always been in reference to max speed.

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This is not the way to make a point.

Just email them, if you want a proper register of your personal opinion and whatever input you have. :slight_smile:


You don’t need many different threads on the same topic in a forum. That is just a waste.

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