[Userscript] WaniKani Mobile Improvement

I’ve never quite found an Android WK app that worked how I want, with support for all the scripts I like to use. Then I realised that Firefox for Android supports browser extensions, so I set up Tampermonkey with my usual scripts and it works great.

However, the mobile WK experience isn’t ideal, so I’ve made a script to change some styling to make it a bit better:

  • Larger fonts
  • Bigger buttons
  • Changed spacings to fit more on screen
  • Info box scrolls separately so everything stays on screen

Feedback and suggestions welcome!


I also recommend using my WaniKani Speed script with it, which goes to the next question if correct, and opens the info box if not. It should keep the keyboard open across questions, making life much easier!


@roboro Does this solution still work?

Now that Tofugu is murdering the API that allowed “WaniKani Mobile” to work (the unofficial Android app that included a handful of the most popular scripts), it seems like it’s dark times ahead for anyone who wants to do reviews on their smartphone with basic functionality like review ordering and the override script.

(“Smartphones? What are those?” – overheard at the Tofugu office)

I think the Android app Flaming Durtles has these features (don’t quote me on that, though, I haven’t used it myself). It’s very popular among users that do phone reviews. ^^

I finally installed this. It seems it does have the functionality I want (1x1 ordering, override, review ordering) though most of it is hidden behind “Enable advanced settings”, apparently in an effort to discourage abuse.


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Yep, exactly. Overuse or misuse of those features can be damaging to the learning experience, although how much varies from person to person. I wanted to make sure that those features are available to those who want them, but they’re hidden behind a warning to make sure users have to make a deliberate and informed decision to expose themselves to that risk.