Any idea what this font is?

I play the mobile game Valkyrie Anatomia, and I really love the font it uses. It’s light and somewhat delicate, keeping all the kanji components easily visible because of it, so it’s great for me to practice with. (And yes, I practice with the denser web-typical fonts as well.) Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows what this font is, or knows of a similar one. Any idea?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Perhaps not a 100% match, but looks a bit like Chihaya Font


That and Chihaya Gothic both look close, thank you!

Btw, what does this say in the first place?

“I heard a voice”

“It was far away, so crying voice could be heard”?

I’m having trouble understanding the second sentence.

から here means “from”, e.g. “from home”, so the translation should be more like:
“You could hear a weeping voice from far away…”


Also, の can be used (generally by female speakers) to add emphasis. The difference is that の used to ask a question will have a rising inflection and の used in this way will have a falling inflection.

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