Favorite Japanese Fonts!

Hello! I did a quick search through and didn’t see any threads about this, so I thought I’d make my own!

I do manga and manwha typesetting for a few scan groups, so I have a lot of love for different fonts and the mood that they convey. I also make my own comics occasionally (usually short 4-komas about games or anime I’ve watched recently) and, of course, spend lots of time deliberating over the fonts I should use.

Basically, I think fonts are really cool, and I was wondering what some of your favorite fonts are! They can be ones that you’ve seen in manga, ones you use on the font-randomizer script, fonts you never use but like to look at, anything!


(font or typeface? :wink:)


I’m only a hobbyist, not a graphic designer, so I tend to use the terms interchangeably, but I guess I’m asking about typefaces here !

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My fave is S2G Love. It’s very silly


I may have just downloaded every single font on the website where I found that one… they’re all so cute !!

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I like the subtitles they use for movies in Japan, but I haven’t been able to figure out the name of them yet.

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armed banana
in all seriousness though, i love quirky little fonts, im jsut really lazy and haven;t added my secodn batch of fonts into the randomiser.

Chihaya jyun is small, but really cute

nukamiso fonts work in a pair as inversions

Sushiki has all angles and dots and geometry bits

mitubashi has all honeycomb like stuff

all this is called is 851H-kktt on my laptop, but it's kinda digital, kinda toothpick looking strokes

That’s the highlights of my downloaded font library for this moment (until i go through another fonts downloading spree : b )


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