JLPT listening practice CDs/books recommendations?

Hey everyone, just wondering if any of you have a good recommendation for listening practice. I’ve been studying a bunch of grammar, but my listening is still atrocious. Since I’ll be taking the JLPT 3 on December I’m thinking of doing JLPT 4 & 3 level audio practice, but I’m not sure where to start or what to look for. Don’t even know which specific shops I can check out.

I’m in Tokyo right now so if you know of any specific book / CD series or shops I can check out, I’d really appreciate some suggestions. I really struggle with long conversations / sentences, and lose the flow of what’s going on if I get distracted for 0.5 seconds, or 2-5 unknown words come up.

Thanks in advance :smiley:!


Minna,no Nihongo has a couple of free listening apps for the two 初級 books. Those will take you up to N4. Also I was able to download the shinkanzen master N2 listening files straight from the 3A network website.

Playstore link:

Scroll down a bit for the download link

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I do like the 3A Network’s books, and they have listening exercise books to go along with the Minna no Nihongo series and Shinkanzen Master series, so you should be able to find those in a bookstore or library, I think

Thanks! I’ll give those a try.


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You can download audio for numerous books from that website as zip files. Click 日本語 and you’ll see some books.


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