Anyone know any wanikani like sites for listening comprehension?

i love using stuff like kaniwani and kamesame to supplement wanikani, but im noticing that my listening comprehension is lacking, even with things in wanikani im confident in. i was wondering if anyone knew any sites or addons that feature a listening practice? otherwise, maybe i could make an anki deck with wanikani’s audios, though i would need to extract all of those somehow!


I was using Kitsun’s 10K deck. However, I out-paced the deck and grew tired of deleting(hybernating) half of the lesson and just start consuming native materials.

I still recommend it though, it’s a great deck for listening comprehension.

You could try searching these key words on YouTube “Japanese listening practice” “N5” “N4” “beginner” “intermediete”. The Japanese Listening Comprehension series by JapanesePod101 is a great series.


I always recommend podcast for listening practice, because it sounds more natural and sometimes uses quite a lot of variation of certain grammar points or contraction that are rarely covered in textbooks, even though it used a lot in natural day to day conversation.

There are a lot of podcast that created by native Japanese intended for Japanese learner. The most popular one is Nihongo con Teppei for Beginner. I also recommend Learn Japanese with Noriko, Kevinvin Sleepy Japanese, and Let’s Talk in Japanese! All of them are available in Spotify.


I like SuperNative, you can add things to your deck and it has a similar SRS functionality, iirc.

The difficulty for the sentences varies, but I found it pretty straightforward.


It’s not quite the same as WaniKani, but Delvin Languages is a free site that uses clips from shows and such to practice listening in context. It plays a short video and gives a transcript of everything but one word. You have to fill in the reading and meaning for the missing word based on the audio. It uses SRS similar to how WK works.

It doesn’t cover everything (about 2000 words total, it looks like), but I’ve found it pretty useful so far.


Nihongo Con Teppei has both beginners and intermediate podcasts that are good for listening comprehension. To practice listening you really need to listen to whole sentences and paragraphs, I don’t think an SRS tool would help much.


Try the TODAI app, it allows you to follow written news while you listen to a narrator. You can click on words and a dictionary opens up too.
Also try the ANIMELON page, it allows you to see anime and manga with japanese subtitles. You can also stop to review and see a handside board showing the dialogues.
These 2 are super nice and fun.

Id highly recommend Clozemaster

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Unsolicited advice, but don’t spend your time SRS’ing listening. Just consume native media. Anime without subtitles, podcasts, whatever. You won’t understand anything at first, it might even feel like a waste of time, but it isn’t. Get those hours in and before you realize you’ll understand most of whats being said.


I think they both work in different way. Working on both end and eventually they will catch up with each other.

I got most of my English by listening to things in English. At first (when I was like 12-13) I had trouble understanding stuff and needed subtitles. Listening to stuff non-stop worked like magic to me.

(Sorry for the out of topic)

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