Any good way to compile WaniKani vocab outside core 10k (breakdown)?

I am beginning to see more and more WaniKani vocab not included in core 10k breakdown, and I want to drill any WaniKani “useful” vocab or “troublesome/leeching” vocab too.

So, any beautiful way to compile this stuff, so that I can drill it, in a KaniWani way, or further.

One option I’ve found useful is to use this very nice site:

I have found an incomplete answer… I don’t know a way to “batch” add reading and meaning.

CoreNai v0.1 spreadsheet

Anki apkg version

As for level 42, there are 46 entries.

This one is made from WK sentences. I don’t use WaniKani-to-Anki, because I could get only words up to the level I am on; I want to prepare a deck in advance.