Anki Decks Without WaniKani Vocab

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I downloaded Anki and I wanted to ask if there is an Anki deck without WaniKani vocab. I tried the Core 2k/6k decks and other popular decks, but they contained some vocab from WaniKani.

I have a “wanikani ultimate” deck. I was able to sort everything on my phone by level but you could reorganize in other ways. To get vocab out … Make a new subdeck. When you browse cards on the deck, go to the 3dot menu, filter by tag, scroll down and select vocab. Go to 3dot menu again, press the select all option. 3dot menu again, press change deck and you can move them over to the new sub deck you made.

Hope this makes sense and helps you out.

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Thank you so much! I will make sure to do that when using Anki.

I think this is the deck I have. Probably not the most current for words/vocab but should get you going.

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Got it, I will add that deck to the rest. Thank you so much once again!

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Ok, so I tried exploring Anki a bit, but I am still confused by the vocab from the decks I have since it can be found on WaniKani (kanji+kana vocab). Although, many people say the WaniKani vocab is not good and to only study kana vocab. Does anyone know a great kana-only deck to use or any other resources to find kana-only vocab?

Nevermind, I figured it out and found a good deck (core 2.3k).