Any fun App with easy Japanese?

I wonder if you can recommend any fun Japanese apps with easy kanji? :blush: I’d love to improve my reading by playing games but I’m not really advanced yet so if you know any free app that you love, please let me know. ありがとう:purple_heart:

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Anything Dragon Quest has furigana if you set your phone to Japanese.

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You might enjoy KawaiiNihongo and KawaiiDungeon
here are the apple app store links (it seems to be available on Android too)

KawaiiNihongo is a cute introductory Japanese learning app. I’m not sure it’d even cover N5 entirely, but it’s a cute and fun start. I don’t recall having any complaints with it other than it’s short.

KawaiiDungeon is a new sister app with more quiz-like gameplay. The first 2 chapters cover kana, but you can skip to where the kanji start. It’s a timed test atmosphere. It’s free, just like KawaiiNihongo. If it had been available 2-3 years ago, I might have used it to start my Japanese vocab learning instead of WaniKani (just as a way to get some basics down). I suspect that it doesn’t cover an extensive amount of vocab. In fact, the description says it only covers 1k words from N5 and N4. Not bad for a free app though. Overall WK will take you farther and deeper kanji and vocab wise, but if you want something cute and fun, I think it fits the bill.


Is ねこあつめ still a thing?

This looks interesting.

Looks cute.

I like shiritori. :nerd_face:

This seems like it has Japanese, but uh… :scream:



Seems simple.

Looks good.


There are also some free japanese games online you could play, but not on mobile, I think.


I have nostalgia for KawaiiNihongo. I don’t know how I found it, but it is what got me back into Japanese :smiley:

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I use KawaiiNihongo, KawaiiDungeon, J-crosswords, and Lingo Legend (language learning RPG card game) apps. There is also Crystal Hunters which is a manga that teaches Japanese and has a free guide that goes with each volume. Crystal Hunters will definitely help in improving your reading ability for sure.


Nice thread :slight_smile: Didn’t know about these apps. Just checked J-crosswords and that one is great.

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Not sure if you were specifically looking for Japanese text / kanji reading practice, but if Japanese audio exposure would help at all, there are a couple fun rhythm games.

I used to play Love Live!School idol festival a lot. With the US version, the dialogue is still in Japanese (as are the songs) but the text is in English.

Haven’t tried this in a while, but I think if you’re on Android you can also still get the Japanese version (with Japanese text as well) using the apk from Qoo-app.

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