Android reading apps

Wanikani for vocabulary and lingodeer for grammar are the best two applicaties that I’m using right know to study Japanese.
Does someone know some good reading apps where I can practice more memorising kanji and just reading for fun to get better.
Not websites with boring layouts and to much overwhelming stuff to read.

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I do like Watanoc. As I am a beginner, I use the articles with the N5 tag.

Yes, I know, this is not an app, but their website works good on mobile. I always read on my way to work via subway.

For a real app. I do have installed. Is pretty ok, but I still prefer Watanoc, so I don’t use it often.

Satori reader is always a good choice. It links up with Wanikani so will only display kanji you already know. Plus every word can hovered over for translations or you can get a full sentence translation. Articles are done in series so you tend to find the vocab to build on each other and despite being reasonably new they have a good number of articles. Every article also has audio which can be played by sentence or by playing the whole article.

Is a nice way to get started on reading but it is another subscription.

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