Japanese apps/phone games for practice (N4/N5)

Hi everyone
I’m a beginner and looking for more ways to practice my Japanese on my phone, beyond the usual language apps.

Are there any Japanese iPhone games/apps that you would recommend?

I thought that some basic games in Japanese, maybe those targeted at kids, might be a good way to practice reading Japanese at a simple level (N5-N4 friendly).


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Not sure what kind of games might generally appeal to you, but I played ねこあつめ in Japanese for a while and it was pretty manageable! It’s not particularly complicated or overwhelming, it’s built to be played a little at a time which is nice for something like this, plus it’s super cute of course. One fun thing about it is it has like a word of the day which you can enter to get bonus fish, which is definitely interesting from a language learning perspective!


Thanks for the recommendation!
I’m really flexible about the type of game, as long as it has very basic (N5-N4) Japanese that i can practice with.
There are lots of apps/games targeted at kids so i thought that might be a good place to start (since the language would be super simple) but Neko Atsume is an even better idea! I played it in English years ago and loved it! :+1:

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this is more heavy on “educational” and less on “game” but i have Infinite Japanese, a vocabulary-teaching game on my iPhone. i changed the settings to be kanji only but it can be romaji or kana depending.

Best kind of games for language learning are rpgs imo. They have a lot of talking and give you the most Immersion. If it’s an older game with less handholding, making you read where to go and what to do, then it’s even better. That’s why I’m planning on starting skyrim in japanese after lvl 30-35. Or oblivion if i can find a Japanese version. Can’t think of anything mobile though because it’s mostly about farming and timegating to make you pay, not about a good story. Having said that, you could give baldurs gate a go. Iirc it has Japanese, but playing it on mobile is not very convenient if you ask me. The game itself is awesome though. It’s a 1997-98 pc classic. But it’s not a game I’d go for as my first game in a target language.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp should be playable in Japanese at your level (I played a lot of it when I was studying for N5). You’ll get to learn the names of a lot of fish, insects and furniture, and the animals tend to be a little repetitious in their conversation which is helpful from a learning perspective.


Not duolingo for sure but go to realkana.com