Anki deck for Genki I while doing Wanikani at the same time? + questions

Is there a good Anki deck for learning the vocabulary in Genki I that would go well in work well while doing WaniKani at the same time? I’m not too sure what this would be, but I’m guessing it would at least entail using the kanji for the vocab when applicable. I’ve heard of various notable decks for Genki but after searching through numerous past threads here and elsewhere I can’t seem to find the decks themselves and/or comparisons between them.

Also, for anyone who has experience using Anki for Genki, is there a way to order the cards/tweak the settings such that when you get to a new lesson you can clear out all of the vocab in the first day or two/before proceeding with the rest of the lesosn?

Lastly, is there anything I should keep in mind when learning vocab from Genki I alongside the WaniKani vocab?

I don’t know anything about existing decks, but regarding this part:

If you create (or find) a deck that has the vocabulary with tags signifying which chapter they go with, you can begin by suspending all the cards. Then, unsuspend cards for chapter 1 (and so on as you approach each chapter). You can do this without them being tagged (just search for the chapter’s vocabulary one at a time if they are not sorted, and unsuspend one by one). Tagging just makes it easier and quicker.

For reviewing, you can create custom settings for the deck that lets you increase the number of lessons.

Thanks for that, I will definitely check that when I start.

I tried using a Genki deck in Anki alongside Wanikani and the learning curve/difference between formats was just not working for me. I’ve been using the “Genki Complete Vocabulary” deck on (which is also a paid subscription but with a free trial) and it’s been way easier for me to juggle alongside WaniKani and customize to my needs.

Hello fellow level 6 learner! I will look into it. I’d like to keep my paid subscriptions for Japanese at a minimum especially considering how many free resources there are out there that go along with Genki, but I may find that it is worth it. Thanks for the advice.

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