Any advice how to handle huge pile of reviews?

Well, till the end of June I had a session of exams and it resulted in me neglecting the reviews. Later I wanted a little bit of holiday and see where it got me:

Can someone give me some piece of advice on how to handle the situation? Except for the obvious ones, like how to stretch the reviews and not try to do them in one day…
Holy shit guys, I am even scared to start this.

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App on mobile → Anki Mode → don’t sweat it too much if you get things wrong, just keep powering through.

anki mode on smartphone, do batches of 100 every four hours (or less).

next time, use vacation mode, I have never used it, but I read here it avoids this situation.

Use this locked script:

Set the lock to, let’s say, 1100? Do all the unlocked reviews, then decrease the locked number by 25 or 50 whenever you feel like you have those under control. Your “unlocked” reviews will keep coming back on schedule so you can learn them properly and the others will stay at the bottom of the pile until you’re ready for them.

Don’t do any lessons. Do at least 100 a day and I think you’ll be making gains as time goes on.

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In addition try to do those on a lower SRS level first. For an item that would have reappeared after 2 weeks or a month it doesn’t matter as much if it sits for a day or two longer than with one in apprentice. There’s a re-order script for that, though I can’t remember the name right now. That way you probably have better chances of remembering those.
Or alternatively if you just want stuff to get out of the queue, order it the other way round: the kanji/vocab on higher SRS levels won’t reappear that soon again and you can focus better on those in apprentice. I’m not sure though if that script supports that way of order.

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I would

  1. Sort reviews by LEVEL. This allows you to follow the items as they progress through their SRS stages, as you will be reviewing them as they come back.
  2. Set a maximum number of reviews you want to do per day without getting burned out or discouraged. I typically did 100 reviews.
  3. Use Anki mode if you’re on mobile.
  4. Install my Review Hover Details script to get a better overview of my review pile and my progress through it

I’ve been trying to tackle a giant review pile of my own for the last two months, but I’ve made little progress, despite doing over half an hour of reviews each day. I think the answer is to just keep at it and accept that it will take a long time. Also, consider resetting - I reset from level 60 to 46 and it helped enormously.

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