Tips for dealing with large amounts of reviews?

I’ll be honest, I’m quite surprised how far I’ve made in on WaniKani. At this point, I don’t see myself stopping. As I’ve gotten further into WaniKani, I’ve actually spent way more time doing it on mobile rather than computer because in the beginning if I didn’t get a chance to go on computer then nothing would get done and my reviews would pile up. But, every once in a while I take a couple days off (either because I’m busy or I just wanna relax for the night). Well, when I do this, I often pile up reviews pretty fast. And the more reviews I get, the less motivated I am, because I know I will not finish the reviews in one session. 100+ reviews is not uncommon obviously, and I usually can knock those out, but when it gets to 200+, or 300+, I start saying “oh I don’t have time for that right now” and so I go another day without doing reviews. Currently I’m up to almost 600 reviews. I really want to clear these but it will take quite a bit of time.

Obviously I don’t have to do it all at once, but does anyone have any tips for dealing with large amounts of reviews? Or does anyone have tips for completing reviews faster? I’m always looking for ways to speed it up, and basically the only way I’ve found is to use Anki mode because I don’t have to worry about typing anything or getting things wrong because of typos. There’s a script but I was unable to find a way to use it on mobile.

I actually created my own iPhone app for WaniKani, specifically so I could do it in Anki mode. Typos are way more frequent on mobile, and this has made things much faster. The app isn’t on the App Store or anything, but I would like to make it available someday. Right now it works just enough to be able to complete the reviews by pressing a button saying correct or incorrect. I’m having issues with my MacBook since it’s old so I’m not sure if or when I’ll be able to actually complete the app and release it.

Anyways, I did search a little bit but didn’t find much information related to this. If there is a thread or something, please link it. Otherwise just discuss how you manage the reviews and such.

Also I should point out, I know there is a vacation mode, but I don’t know if it is appropriate to use it every time I want to take a day or two off. The only time I actually used it was when I was on a cruise for an entire week.


I ran into my first pile up of 300+ reviews, 100+ lessons and ~50 leeches (script) just a few days ago. The “I don’t have time for this” feeling is real.

Just to prevent the numbers to go higher overnight, I went with doing the reviews in bundles of 25 on the android app for a few days (you can probably do max. reviews with scripts/on iphone too). I find 25 to be a nice sized bundle and usually do several of them once I’m into it. (I really do not like to type on phone for extended period of times though)
But most of the backlog was done on PC in 2 large review sessions for the reviews and 3 for the lessons.

Permanently lowering the number of lessons should work for your case :grin: otherwise it is reasonable to expect that the workload will grow and grow.

Like this you mean:

…and many more other threads…


Ultimately, the speed you do lessons determines your average review load. So that’s good advice; if it’s too much, slow down lessons and after some delay, the review pile sizes will start to get smaller.

But your actual question: I don’t think the trick is to work faster. It’s to work more frequently. Just do 10, whenever you think of it, and your end of the day stack will be significantly smaller. I don’t have any of the unofficial mobile apps either, but I can tolerate just doing them on the phone’s browser if it’s only 10.

(And 10 often turns into 20 or 50 before I know it)

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