[Answered] Is there a way to see how many lessons i have left ahead of me?

I know that we’re learning ~2k+ kanji. But the lessons arent just kanji. its radicals, its on-yomis, its kun-yomis, and its combined vocab.

Is there a way to see how many lessons, total, you have ahead of you?

Im asking because it will help me with planning a bit. I can estimate how many lessons i take per day, and use that together with how many lessons total are ahead to estimate how long it will take me to reach the end.

As it is, im gaining 150+ lessons per level, and considering im only level 6, simple math tells me that the total number of lessons cant be 2k+, more likely its about 8k+. Would love to see an actual number.


EDIT: To clarify, im not asking “How can i see my new unlocked lessons”. Im asking “If i were to reach level 60 now, i would have had to take X lessons total. I want to see the X number”.

If you look at your profile on WaniKani it should show a progress bar for both kanji and vocab. Maybe that’s good enough?

Is this what were you searching?

Or wkstats


Good UI, but doesnt give me what i need. I dont want to see statistics on lessons i’;ve already done. I just want to see something like

"Wanikani has a total of X radicals, Y kanji and Z vocab, coming to a total of 12345 lessons. You have completed A radicals, B kanji and C vocab, coming to a total of 123 lessons. You have 12214 lessons ahead of you.

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A lot of stats, a lot of data, i have no idea what im looking at, and i cant see the data that i need :confused:

all the info is there, you just have to configure it

Its good but it doesnt have numbers. I would love to have a number, so that i can estimate something like “Me doing 10 lessons per day means im doing 0.1% per day” or something like that. Cant do that without numbers

How do i configure it then?

EDIT: I can see i can manually check all the lessons for future. That means i can manually calculate it . I suppose that works, kinda

Configured to only show radicals; 483 items of total 8910 shown, i.e. there are currently 483 radicals total in WK


Now configured to show only locked and unlocked lessons for rads, kanji and vocab, so I know I have 3135 lessons yet to do.

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I hope you can now see that with the correct configuration that you don’t have to do it manually…

I’ve already done it manually. It was faster to do so than figuring out how to make wkstats work.

I’ve got the number that i needed, so its all good now. Cheers

In case other searchers find this thread and don’t want to manually calculate as in the coming weeks more items will still be rolling out

Kumirei’s locked count script adds a ‘Locked’ category to the SRS bar

(mine’s not that informative unfortunately). The hover sums radicals, kanji and vocab that hasn’t yet been lessoned - so that’s both availabled lessons not yet taken and locked items not yet available.

My Dashboard Cockpit has a similar counter but doesn’t include available lessons (only locked items)

And R/K/V tiny bars gives you your progression for the individual categories
Although the ‘finished’ count is a count of the number of items that are Guru and up (in other words ‘passed’) rather than how many are lessoned. It does show the total number of items of course.


The best way to have a sneak peek into the lesson queue ahead of you is imho: [Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector. It’ll give you the total also.

I don’t have any lessons to do (at least until tomorrow…), but I think you get the idea.

I think that it’s useful to see what you’re about to learn because subjective lesson difficulty varies. Sometimes it’s better to limit yourself to 10 lessons that seem demanding, but sometimes 20 lesson seem like a breeze.


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