Is there a way to tell how many lessons I have before the next radicals appear?

Heya, I like to stick to 10-20 lessons a day max and keep it a pace. However if I knew that after my 10 from today I had another 10 to go before I get the new level set of radicals, I would do them, but I can’t figure out how to systematically see the whole lesson queue ahead of me.

Is there a way to do that somewhere? It’s not easy to infer from the “new” icon on the vocab page. That’s guesswork at best. I’d love to know exactly how many so I can choose if I wanna go extra hard one day.

The app settings only lets you buffer 10 lessons so I can’t see much further. There has to be another way no? Perhaps a script/addon?


I just found this dashboard script, would it be accurate to say that all the LVL 11 Unlearned vocabs is what I have left to go before hitting the LVL 12 Radicals?

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Without using a reorder script, yes that’s how many vocab you’d have before the next levels radicals

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Alright that’s perfect, thanks!

Well, I think a bit of flexibility is probably for the best, rather than focusing on a number. For example, when you guru kanji, they unlock vocablessons. Doing those specific vocab lessons that are all about a specific kanji you just guru’d is pretty ideal. You’re helping yourself remember the kanji better and you learn the additional readings for it, just as you’ve gotten used to one of them, making the whole learning pretty organic.

If you insist on specific numbers, rather than just taking note on what the lessons are about, then you miss this subtle, but very helpful extra layer on how to learn using Wanikani. It’s a meta layer that comes back in your review queue, so that you’ll know that, right now you’re doing vocab all relating to one or three kanji specifically. It all makes sense.

So, the smaller the number of lessons you take on, the less of the whole picture you’re able to see.

Now, feeling overwhelmed is often a reason to hold back, but I do sense that people that are too slow also falls into a trap of sorts - of not making sense of it all in the end, when WK is very pedagogic and clear if you take a step back - seeing the whole, so to speak.

Just some thoughts. Not a real suggestion for you. I guess, a real advice would be to just be honest with yourself, that when you’re too tired to learn more, don’t. When you have energy to spare, take the opportunity to make use of that. :slight_smile: All in measure for sure, but still. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your studies!

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With the standard lesson order though, you don’t get to those vocab lessons right after you guru the kanji, at least if you’re one of the slower users (which I am). That would assume you’re going fast enough that you’ve got a relatively low number of pending lessons. Unless there’s a good script for this? I’ve often though I would rather do all the vocab lessons related to a kanji as soon as I guru’d the kanji, rather than it waiting until after I’ve learned all the kanji for a lesson. But it’s not realistic for me to learn 35 new kanji in two or three days which would be necessary for them to come up that way.

Yeah, I wanted to try to explain the process and how that works. But, felt it was a bit much writing. You’re of course right. :slight_smile: That’s part of the issue of not going fast enough I feel. But you can change the settings of how WK handles reviews

I’m not sure what that number would be. But, yes, finishing all lessons from the last level and all the ones you get, all the way up to level up. That sort of tempo is basically required.

I guess, I never had a problem with it, since I don’t expect myself to learn immediately. Some items falls down the srs but most go up. That seemed enough. Pushing speed up isn’t about getting great accuracy, it’s about getting a handle on the whole learning process and focusing on how to keep on moving and not standing still. :thinking:

I concede this might simply not work for some, but I also think, there is an inherent fear of “learning too much at once” that I have never quite understood where that comes from. WK isn’t a test. You won’t get scored. Fail as many times as you need until you get it right and you’ve won! So, there is just no real loss in moving ahead, even as you’re still learning the last items you did a lesson for. Not in my mind at least. ^^’

I think if your accuracy is getting below 50% there’s a real danger in reinforcing wrong answers in your head, which is only going to compound the difficulties you have. And if you have too many items coming up for review to the point where you can’t get to them around the SRS intended time period then that also is going to harm your learning.

I’ve got 118 lessons pending right now. I could do them all right now but I would remember next to none of them. But they’d keep coming back at me ever four hours then. In the middle of the day, maybe I can get to WK every four hours and a few of them would start to stick, but even if I didn’t just completely quit out of frustration at this point, I’ve also got another 85 reviews coming up today, over 500 by the end of the week. I’d be waking up to hundreds of reviews every morning. It would almost immediately get to the point where I wasn’t finishing my reviews by the end of the day, which would mean there would be more and more words I wasn’t getting to at the intended SRS timings, which would make me more likely to fall, leading to them coming back sooner, and it would just keep snowballing from there.

Obviously all of this depends on a lot of factors, the main two being how many hours a day you can devote to WK and how quick you are to remember something, but for me this would be absolutely disastrous. The fear isn’t of learning too much at once, it’s of NOT learning at all because adding in more kanji and vocab then you’re capable of absorbing just makes the whole system break down.

Can’t say I never scored that bad, so can’t say much about this presumed situation. In any case, if you’re getting that low a score in accuracy, you’re moving more items back the SRS-ladder in Wanikani than moving items up the SRS-ladder and that’s a huge issue.

As much as the system allows you to continue on after guru’ing items. If your retention is that bad and all those items just goes down to apprentice,then that means you risk becoming overwhelmed by review numbers.

So, keeping your accuracy around 70+ at least is a must for WK progression. If you can’t get those numbers, you have to think of a different way of retaining the knowledge of the lessons. Perhaps, the mnemonics aren’t for you? Maybe you just need a completely different approach to learning all-together and WK isn’t for you even? You have to do some soul-searching for sure and think of the reasons you’re getting so low numbers. Just my thoughts…

I don’t get numbers that low. Because I don’t do 118 new lessons at once. I’m saying for lots of people that’s what doing every single lesson that appears would result in. And your advice here is contradictory because your prior post you said speed isn’t about accuracy, and now you’re saying that obviously low accuracy is a problem. It’s great if you’ve got a memory that lets you retain 100 new terms at 70%+ accuracy all at once but I think you’re making a lot of assumptions that don’t carry over to other people.

I’m not sure how the conversation turned to this, since I never suggested that.* :eyes: If you go up and read the first 2 replies, I think you’ll find a much more nuanced and more specific suggestion on how to get the most of WK. :eyes:

*in fact I have multiple times on these forums argues against doing so. But, I’m not the best example of not doing it still, since I did. All the way up to lv 60. But, I never ever push for that sort of idea, since that’s just not suitable for most people’s study schedule, time alotted, energy available, etc. You do you. At the point of life you’re in. Listen to yourself and be honest, that was part of the suggestion I immediately gave. both to not hold back and to hold back when needed.

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