Another thank you Wanikani thread!

So I was in Japan some weeks ago for three weeks and thanks to wanikani I could read oh so much. Train/metro stations for example.
I would never have understood these with such ease without this site. Made my first and alone trip to Japan so much easier and way more fun =)

That*s all! =)



If you’re interested, I made this list a long time ago of every single train station in Japan, and what level you need to be in WaniKani before you’ve learnt all the kanji. (And also prefectures, cities, towns, villages, and the 5000 most-common family names.)

Small caveat, though: it’s been a while since I last updated the kanji list, so it might no longer be entirely accurate. I guess that’s a fairly easy fix, mind - just gotta get around to it. Also possible that they’ve opened new stations.


Unfortunately with Japanese proper nouns, recognizing the Kanji is only half the battle…


Simias! I know I am only scratching the surface here, being only N4 level (a bit more now perhaps) and, well, Lvl 50 Wanikani, but that was never the point with my post. Just simply happy I could as much as I could and get around in Tokyo (and ome other places) thanks to WK.



Ooooh this is some good shit! Thank you! =) I will be reading this a good deal.
I appreaciate all the help I can get, and seems like WK is the place to go hehe. I didn’t even ask for help and here you guys are helping me out =D