WK Appreciation thread 2023

With all the frustration that’s arised due to recent updates in some of us more than the others (hey, I mean I finished finished lvl 12 only 2 days later than I normally would have!), I thought of saying things I really love about this app!
Well first of all, my lazy ass would be making zero progress with kanji if it weren’t for WK and that’s a big deal.
I appreciate that team is always nice and helpful through emails (and whoever chooses gifs for level-up messages is doing god’s work!!)
To level 60 and above :partying_face:
(Feel free to share your own)


Yeah i love Wanikani. It may be because it appeals to my autism but hey-ho; i’ll take what i can get. I haven’t missed a day since i started 3 and a half months ago. I started Fluent-u, which i love too, a couple of weeks ago and with that and Wanikani i’m in Japanese study bliss.


WaniKani is meowgnificent! :cat2:
With WaniKani even a small clumsy cat like me can hope to eventually learn Japanese! :cat2:

I’d like to say special thanks to the meowderators of this commeownity, who are very fair and very purrofessional! :cat2:



I would have given up learning Japanese tbh


WK team:


But seriously, I wouldn’t have gotten to lv 60 before and I’m sure I’ll get there again thanks to this app. :sparkling_heart: At the end of the day, it’s a relaxing and nice way to just hammer in those kanji meanings and learn to read Japanese. :relaxed: :sparkling_heart:


I definitely appreciate the improved native mobile experience.

I’m primarily a desktop user but also like to squeeze in extra reviews on the go. WK certainly feels snappier on iPhone now, and the interface/display improvements have helped increase useability and reduce typos.

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