Another Long-Winded "Reached 60, tygl" Post

Yup, so finally here. Thanks all who helped me along the way. Good luck with your own journey.

I tried to be on team speedy, but as you can see, the last 5 levels were ouchie.


Wow, congrats! @TamanegiNoKame you just got BEAT SON.

Not trying to draw any conclusions from this, but I feel like a lot of the people I see hit 60 go at max speed for most of the journey. I wish there was a way to find the actual numbers.



Your accuracy is :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Congrats you can read a lot of runes now


I think to date, uyu has the highest I have ever seen.

Hes only messed up the readings of 49/57737 reviews.


I wonder if most people who practically stopped at lv 30+ have to go at max speed?

? I dont understand what you mean.

Many good learners actually stopped not at level 60, but as levels like 30, 40, 50; seeing the futility of studying Kanji alone, to studying grammar.

I would suggest lv 51 as the real endpoint. (N3/N2)

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Thanks :slight_smile: I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true. Part of it is probably that it’s just really hard to get back in the groove if you fall out of it. It’s really hard to form good habits and really easy to break them.

My speed was fast-ish, but still a bit far from the true speedsters. I didn’t really find it worth it waking up in the middle of the night or using my phone/comp to do reviews at inappropriate times (having dinner with a friend, class/work). And there were a few times towards the end that it just became a lower priority, so I didn’t really have a streak of 3 day 10 hour levels.


Well, it’s not the lowest, but not the highest either. Especially, as you can see, I had a weakness for the kanji. But vocab wasn’t too bad since you learn it after already knowing the kanji, so it seems natural that it’d be higher for most people (not sure if that’s true, just seems right).

Ah yeah. A lot of people study the two at the same time, though. Some people do also leave for other reasons as well but still continue to study japanese. Honestly if my year subscription wasn’t due to run out next winter, I would probably leave this site around 40. Just starting to come across enough stuff that I already know that I think if I just focused on reading, I would get the same progress for free. I would still count those people as max speeders though.

Unless we get to see the numbers, we may never know, but yeah it wouldn’t surprise me. Some people who go at max speed get burned out and cant maintain it, but for others it just builds that habit of studying japanese so much faster. I could see something like that being possible.

Back in my day we didn’t even have 60 levels.


If WK/kanji study in general detracts too much from other areas, then yeah, I’d see either a slow pace or shifting gears as a good thing. But if possible, I’d definitely encourage people to do these things in tandem. WK was probably my main focus over my Japanese studies, but I made sure not to ignore other areas.

But despite “maining” WK, oddly enough, I passed N2, but while my listening was almost perfect, my reading score was under half :sweat_smile: But vocab was high, so WK definitely helped, but not enough 読解 practice to be able to properly read the passages and answer the questions with that darn time restraint >.<

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I spent on average 11 days per level. Not too fast, and not too slow. I like to take my time. I still dedicated time almost every day though. Those last 5 levels though, I had to spend a lot more time to keep on top of reviews. I was so relieved when I finished and those reviews started to go down. It didn’t help that I wanted to go almost full speed on the last 10 levels. Just wanted to reach the finish line asap.


Yeah… it’s like being a senior in high school or college. That final stretch, you just want to be done! I remember it well.


@rfindley How likely are people at Level 50-60 (including Lv 50, too) have to be Team Speedy? Defined by no more than 14 days for at least 90% of the levels.

And then you finally get done and move onto college where you wish you took more ap classes so you have less to do later on. Similar to wishing you studied more grammar/vocab outside of wk before you were level 60, I guess?

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As guilty as I feel asking rfindley to do more since he already does so much for the community, im really curious about this. Assuming he stores the data on users that use his stats site, it should be possible to figure out. Maybe if he is ok giving out the raw data to some people, they could look for some intresting trends.

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@polv, @Vanilla,

The only user data I store is API keys, which I use when people are having trouble with the stats site. All the rest is stored in the user’s browser, and never touches my server.

Occasionally, if I’m looking for a particular stat, I may set up a script to crawl user data. But it’s a LOT of data, so I don’t keep it… besides, user data ages so quickly!

Right now, I’m focused on finishing my Open Framework for scripting, then I need to update all of my scripts (and the stats site) before APIv2 goes obsolete.


Wow… way to let us all down. :frowning: jk

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