AneNinja (Major Update: profiles, dictionary, leaderboards...) test your kanji writing, pitch accent and more!


Together with my friend @applebub we made AneNinja where you can test:

  • Kanji writing where you can learn how to write Japanese characters
  • Vocab meaning/reading where you test your vocabulary
  • Japan map where you can learn all the prefectures
  • Pitch accent where you can train your ear to be able to hear the difference in pitch

Simple to use, just click and play.

Major Update!:

  • Now you can create an account and track your progress
  • You can search vocab in the dictionary and add it to your lists
  • There is a ranked mode where your best scores could appear on the leaderboards
  • Every quiz was improved and updated
  • Changed the name from uroninja to aneninja

In the future we plan to add SRS, integrate yomichan and add more quiz modes.
If you have any questions/feedback let us know here or on our discord server.


Looks pretty good so far.

What does the score mean at the end?

I got a 3. :sweat_smile:


Score is calculated as number of correct answers minus number of incorrect ones times 3, but yeah it doesn’t make much sense haha. I think it is more useful to look at percentage correct. We will adjust final score later.


Apparently, in timed modes it doesn’t let you erase and leave it empty to then write a number?

So if I want to write 5, it goes to 1 and I’d have to add the 5 first or something.

What’s with the ゜. :0

Very small detail, but if you click on a link and go to another page and then come back, you have to click inside the textbox and press enter. I guess you’d have to anyway since you need to write the next one. But maybe adding a button to go next and having it select the textbox automatically?

I’m on my phone. :sweat_smile:

Sounds like percentage is good to know accuracy, and number of correct answers to see streak or highscore.


Quite proud of my score, that was fun :smiley:
For some extra learning, you could include the Japanese spelling of the prefectures as well :slight_smile: (edit: just found that option in the top right…)

Usually when selecting your prefecture when inputting your address somewhere, they’re sorted the other way round, from north to south. Hokkaido first and Kyushu and Okinawa at the bottom. So if you have nothing else to do you could switch the order around to match that :smiley:


Nice simple design, I like it!

I particularly like that there’s a prefectures mode - reminds me I really need to go back to learning those properly, hehe


Thank you for your feedback!
Yeah with time, there is problem, because minimum is one minute, so it doesn’t let you delete 1.
I will fix it today, I think one way would be to just inform you that time has to be more than one minute, but still let you insert any number.
As to ケ゚ it is how in linguistics they write nasal g constants, here is more info:

Yeah next button makes sense.
We didn’t test much on phones, so there might be some more bugs there, I will look into them now.


Good point! We fixed it now it’s ordered from the north.


In the NHK Accent book it denotes a nasal g sound (I believe).

EDIT: Whoops, just saw it’s already been answered :grin:



  • fixed time limit
  • added next button to vocab reading
  • few more mobile phones accessibility fixes

If there are more bugs/feedback, please let us now


Something similar happened before, but I don’t think this is N5. :sweat_smile:

I do know it because of Digimon Tri. :nerd_face:


Thank you for spotting this!
Yeah, there are problems with jlpt lists. I fixed the definition, so at least it should now show the correct one.
There are no official jlpt word lists anymore, and most apps use lists provided by a site (even jisho). Unfortunately this site is no longer maintained and has many problems. I wish someone would create word lists based on textbooks and jlpt mock exams.
Do you know maybe any good resources for jlpt list?
Also if you noticed more mistakes, let us know


Looking great so far! I have a sort of bug on mobile (Firefox browser) when writing kanji, I can’t do down strokes because it pulls the whole page down like it’s refreshing (and sometimes does actually refresh), so all my kanji look like this!


Thanks for trying the app!
I’m aware of this problem, I myself use Firefox and noticed this.
It seems that pull to refresh feature is buggy. I know this is not a great solution, but you can turn it off in your Firefox settings under customization. Funnily enough, it is no longer default option in new installations (
I tried to solve it in a different way, but for now no success.


Hey, I see that you added writing, or maybe I just didn’t see it there before. Pretty good.

Could I randomly ask for a random number generator with a maximum number of digits prompt that shows you either the number or the hiragana (two modes but the first one is probably the most important one) and you write it in?

Or do you know a website that does this? :sweat_smile:

I couldn’t find one exactly how I want it, even though that’s how I think the base should be.

This one has a slider but it fixes all numbers to that amount of digits instead of being an upper bound.

The one here is in kanji and I couldn’t get any but the first mode to work.

The one here is also in kanji.

This one’s good, but just audio.

And the ones I see online are just premade lists of numbers.

I think some apps do have this, but a website is always more approachable.



Thanks for the suggestion! We want uroninja to be a place for various tools so we will look into making it.
Just to be sure what you are looking for is the same as in steven-kraft Japanese Numbers just you would prefer to set an upper bound? And also to be able to write in kanji as an answer? (using ime not draw)


An upper bound instead of just choosing the number of digits, yes.

Like max 5 digits, so 1 to 99999.

I think choosing the number of digits makes it a lot easier, and you’re not really thinking about the numbers but rather just filling the blanks.

Oh, I don’t really care about kanji being a possible answer, usually hiragana would be better. I was just saying some of the sites I found only showed the numbers in kanji, like so:


And it’s not very conducive to beginner practice.

Though I guess accepting kanji as input could be useful for someone?

Also, thanks for considering it!


Not exactly what you‘re looking for, but I like
It reads you numbers out loud, you note them down on paper and then compare.


Wow this is great! I like the timed Kana practice! Definitely gonna add this to the Japanese resources bookmarks! ありがとう‼


From now on you can practice Japanese numbers in uroninja! We’ve added options to display numbers as digits, hiragana and kanji. Let us know what you think. :smiley: