I made a jp -> jp pitch accent dictionary with accent graphs (you can define words that come up in definitions too!)

Hi everyone! I made this website: https://www.tsuginoji.com/ and would like some feedback on it. The idea is that you can highlight/select words and keep going on from there. I programmed it to graph word’s pitch accent if there are any and a majority of words have audio attached. You can also select whole sentences to search. ** If the link doesn’t work, use this link for now: https://safe-savannah-27882.herokuapp.com/

– Usage –
Highlight words and press S to define the selected word. Press D to toggle on/off auto search (highlighting automatically goes to the next page). Press F to gain focus if you scroll down and want to type something.

Infinite scroll is a feature so you can keep on scrolling!

– Limitations –

  1. The search function is a bit weird as some uncommon words come up first, but I’ll be optimizing it throughout the week.
  2. It’s not as smart as jisho.com where it can determine potential form/etc. This dictionary is limited so you can’t input something like 出ます and expect 出る, but some results will show up.

Here are some gifs/pictures of the website:


I seem to be getting an SSL error trying to access the site (from Firefox browser, not sure if that’s relevant):

I tried connecting http instead of https and get a different error:
“It appears that the SSL configuration used is not compatible with Cloudflare. This could happen for a several reasons, including no shared cipher suites. Additional troubleshooting information here.

Unfortunately, since I can’t seem to access the site, so I can’t comment on how it actually works, but from the video it looks awesome!

Really cool idea, I’ll try it out later tonight and provide some feedback for you.

I started getting a DNS error pretty shortly after trying it so I switched to the secondary domain you linked. So far I like it quite a bit; I like how the information I care most about it presented cleanly and directly. I didn’t have trouble finding what I was searching for. I also found it very convenient that I could just highlight and auto-search a word I didn’t understand in a definition. So far I think I’ll definitely add it to my collection of resources. One thing I would suggest is that I wish you provided some more detailed kanji information, similar to how jisho.org does. I know your main focus is pitch accent so maybe you want to stay focused, but if you provided that sort of information this could become a one-stop shop for me.

Yeah, I’m trying to fix it. Getting SSL to work was more difficult than I expected :sweat_smile: Hope I can fix it soon!

Great idea! I’ll add it to the backlog!

Great idea, and good job!

Where are you getting pitch information from?

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Most of the entries have [0] or [1] so I use that information to graph the pitch. AKA all of the information comes from the dictionary I’m using and I just graph it. I also made an API so other developers can easily get the pitch accent for words, but I’ll release it once my domain works :joy:


Sorry for the very late response.

What dictionary are you using?

Wow, nice. Thanks for setting this up. Love dictionaries that use ajax :o

Where’d you manage to get all this data from?


I got all of it from 三省堂スーパー大辞林, though I will be releasing API usage instructions soon. Thanks for the support!

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