Crap..Haven't touched japanese in a month or two


I haven’t touched Japanese in a month or two. I’ve been working constantly with no time to study. Wanikani has been on vacation mode for a month, and I’ve forgotten A LOT, I’m going through kaniwani and reviewing all the vocab i’ve forgotten, and it’s been pretty good at refreshing my memory I must say. Trying to remember the onyomi and kunyomi is going to suck when I reactivate kaniwani. This is going to take forever. Ugh, this sucks!!!

Hey, at least I have some money now to visit Japan though… but I won’t know the language as well as I’d like so f*** me right


If your review percentage on KW is not that bad, then you already know a lot of both onyomi and kunyomi of various kanji. This helps the review on WK because even if you put in the wrong reading (e.g. kun instead of on) for kanji, the system will not mark it as wrong but will shake and tell you to put in the other reading.

Now radical names is another thing. You might forget a lot of those. But so what, they’re not that important anyway. You might even want to skip them if you don’t use them any more.


well i have 900 reviews to do and my percentage is currently at 60%. lol. could be worse i guess? most of the ones i’m missing are “oohh yyyeeaahh” or i’m getting really close but slightly off


I’m curious, how do you get a big review stack with vacation mode? I’ve never used it myself so I don’t know how it works yet lol.


oh i mean 900 reviews on kaniwani. i don’t think there’s a vacation mode for kaniwani? so i just let them pile up


ahh ok, that makes a lot more sense. I probably have wayyyy more since I only check once every 2 months (and only do 100/200 reviews each time) or so haha.


Kaniwani also has vacation mode. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s in the settings.


Yep @tiamo is correct. There’s vacation mode for kw as well. I shut off the last couple levels so I could catch up on kw and get the review stack down. Might wanna try that.


60% for that many reviews is not bad at all!
When I came back after about 6 months away, my review percentage varied between 10% and 32%. I was always immensely sad. I dug myself out of that hole in about a month, you can dig yourself out too!



Came back from around a month vacation and found I’ve forgotten so many.
Woke up to first batch of 300 or so reviews, and getting around 30%.



Well looks like you guys are screwed, the human brain is incapable of re-learning anything that it has once forgotten. Once forgotten, gone forever.

I recommend you guys start learning Bulgarian, now that you blew your only chance at learning Japanese.


Bulgarian is very interesting, linguistically. It’s the only slavic language that uses grammatical articles.


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