Anatomy basics

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As I’m making my way through the mid 20s, there’s been a lot of new kanji (kanjis?) about body parts (insert 金玉 joke here). When we initially learned in bio, diagrams really helped clarify and retain a lot of things - so here’s one:

It’d be nice if this could be turned into some kind of drag and drop or fill in the blank game.


Japandict has some images like this too. For example for the body:

From the site, the image is also clickable so you can go to the various words. They also have these for things like positions, winter/spring themed, clothes etc.

I’ve tried to find the source images from the site they have pulled these from but without much success.


That’s pretty neat. Any luck with a quiz of some kind? That’d be most helpful

I noticed that 腰 is translated as waist but is usually used when talking about lower back, especially by elderly people complaining about pain.
For thighs there is anothe word: 太腿(ふともも)but it could aslo mean butt.


I also see 股 for that sometimes (also もも)

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