Help , vocabulary problems

hello guys
tried to use some mnemonics to help me memorize the vocabulary readings and meanings, though
I’m still having a trouble memorizing it.
does anybody has a technique or an advice to help me solve this problem?
thank you

Have you tried just being as vivid as possible with your mnemonics? If I spend a good couple minutes really imagining the scenario WaniKani gives, then I have barely any trouble with them later.
Also, is this just with certain vocabulary or every single one? Because everyone is always going to have those certain words that they always screw up, if that’s what you mean.


Sometimes it helps if I group words. For example, the vocabulary words and readings for noon, cow, stone, life, soil, control, options, grave, power, right, wide, heaven, and arrow were driving me nuts. So I made a super mnemonic: It’s noon and you know it’s real life when you see the strong support underneath you, but for the cow with a head and no lifeline left anytime of day an arrow will end it even if it’s cupid’s arrow from Heaven. It’s not right when the cow is put on a headless stone and killed either. So, either way, left or right, Janet Jackson still had options and control. What does that say about life? Would the cow carcass be buried in weighty soil in a wide, sturdy grave. Dogs love soil but do samurai who have wider arms arms? 牛午生左右上広土 Can’t enter the samurai or grave words/radicals/kanji but you get the idea. Helps me attempt to write sentences again.


I find sometimes it’s WAY easier to memorize the vocabulary word in kana on its own before learning the kanji for it. So if the mnemonic for the kanji isn’t the strongest I can still recognize the meaning by figuring out the reading. Hope that makes sense. I try to make my own mnemonic for the vocab word if possible, too. They’re usually too embarassing to share with anyone, haha.


As Pitkin said, you really have to put a lot of effort into picturing the mnemonics in your head. You want to be able to picture it in as much detail as possible, like you actually have a memory of it happening. If you have a really hard time picturing it in your head you can try drawing it on a piece of paper which forces you to do so.


Thank you
it’s not exactly every single one but there are some vocabulary that I get confused when I see them,
for example the vocabulary that has the same kanji at the begining but at the end it has a different hiragana alphabets if you understand what I mean.
I’ll try to put more effort in the mnemonics or even to create my own so I can get a clearer image of the event in the head.

Thank you for helping :smile::+1:

it’s okay :joy: :joy:
Thank you so much:+1: :smile:

Thank you so much :smile::+1:

At some point though I’ve found that the kanji or the kana actually represents both a sound and a reading, and I blurt it out. My mistake in the testing I think is when I doubt my first impression and think it through.

Thank you!

Sorry for the length of this post but I didn’t want to add onto another already long one! Here’s another trick I’m finding useful. Sometimes the range of meanings for a single kanji can make something rote interesting. So I test myself using any of the definitions like discontinuance, stoppage, interruption, suspension for ちゅうし

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